Skepta and Portable

Skepta and Portable Team Up for Epic Collaboration

by Ikem Emmanuel

Skepta and Portable, Nigerian street-hop artist have surprised the music industry with a collaboration that has created a buzz of excitement, particularly within the UK hip-hop, grime, and drill scenes. Skepta set tongues wagging when he teased fans with a photo on social media hinting at the partnership, and now, the long-awaited collaboration has finally dropped, exceeding expectations and leaving fans craving for more.

But this isn’t your run-of-the-mill collaboration; it’s a seamless fusion of two distinct musical styles. Skepta, renowned for his razor-sharp lyricism and heavy bass lines, joins forces with Portable, whose infectious energy and street-smart rhymes have garnered acclaim in the Afrobeats scene. The result? A fiery track titled “Tony Montana,” produced by the esteemed JAE5, one of the UK’s premier record producers.

JAE5 sets the stage for this electrifying collaboration, crafting a sound that effortlessly merges Skepta’s grime and drill influences with Portable’s infectious Afrobeats rhythms.

The track itself is nothing short of mesmerizing. Skepta effortlessly delivers captivating verses, seamlessly navigating the Afrobeats rhythm with his trademark flow and lyricism. Portable then takes the reins, infusing the track with his trademark energy and streetwise charisma, proving that music transcends language barriers.

“Tony Montana” serves as a testament to the power of Skepta and Portable ‘s collaboration and the boundless potential that arises when different musical styles and cultures collide. This unexpected pairing has not only produced an incredible track but also set the stage for groundbreaking fusions in the future, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what’s next.



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