Rivers Crisis: Again, Amaewhule-led Assembly Overrides Fubara, Passes LG Bill Into Law

What Peter Odili’s Endorsement Did To My Opponents — Fubara

by Victor Ndubuisi

Siminalayi Fubara, the governor of Rivers State, has conveyed his appreciation for the support and endorsement that previous governor Dr. Peter Odili gave him, saying that the backing has made his critics uncomfortable.

Fubara stressed that those with morality and integrity are strongly in line with his government.

Odili’s statement, delivered at the opening of a health centre, established Fubara as Rivers State’s political leader and demonstrated the public’s faith in him.

The Federal Capital Territory Minister Nyesom Wike, Fubara’s estranged political mentor, and he are at odds over this declaration.

UPDATE: Wike’s Ex-aide Reveals His Dangerous Plan With Fubara


Odili told Fubara, “Our people said I should tell you to stand firm with the President, align with his quality policies and carry Rivers people to the engine room of government in the Federal Republic in Abuja.

“For those who have not bothered to pay attention, if you look at the map of Nigeria, the entire map of Nigeria is sitting on Rivers State.

“When Rivers State coughs, Nigeria will catch a cold. So regard your office as key and vital.

“Don’t look back. It is not a matter of age. It is a matter of your people being with you. And they have asked me to tell you that you are the political leader of Rivers State. Rivers people say where you go, they will go with you. Where you stand, they will stand with you.

“You are standing on firm ground. Stand there, hold onto God; the rest of the journey will be a piece of cake.”

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Acknowledging Odili’s support, Fubara reaffirmed his dedication to upholding the fundamentals of good government. He explained his opponents’ discomfort by attributing it to Odili’s backing, highlighting their unease as evidence of the importance of honesty in politics.


Fubara issued a statement on Sunday in reaction to the support through his Chief Press Secretary, Nelson Chukwudi, stating, “It doesn’t matter the number of people that stand with you. I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it again.” Keep your position even if you are by yourself. It doesn’t matter which side you are standing on as long as you are on the correct side. And we (Odili) are glad to stand by him.

“We are also happy that he is standing with us. Even his person alone is giving people high blood pressure. They are restless, granting all sorts of media interviews.

“Why are they doing it? It is because the people who matter, the people who have what they claim they have, integrity, are with us. That is the truth.


Why Rivers People Made Fubara Their Political Leader – Peter Odili

“So, if we have one person who has integrity and character, is it not better than having 1,000 persons with questionable characters? So, we are happy to identify with him (Odili).”

Fubara urged the people to continue to support Odili, saying: “He is a great man. He is integrity and character personified. It is only those who understand what greatness is all about that will appreciate what he has done.”


“Greatness is the value that you give to yourself; greatness is the respect that you preserve for yourself so that even when you’re being insulted, you look around and say, ‘I know my value; I will not bring myself down’. So, continue to stand with it. God will help us to achieve the purpose of governance with your help,” Fubara added.


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