We’ve Not Received Any External Attack – Iran Official

WWIII: Amid Global Calls for Restraint, Israel Vows Retaliation Following Iran’s Strikes

by Victor Ndubuisi

Israel’s top military officer, Herzi Halevi, has vowed to strike back against Iran’s unprecedented invasion of his nation, defying calls from international leaders to exercise moderation.

Reiterating that Israel will respond to the flurry of missiles and drones fired into Israeli land, Halevi said on Monday that Israel is considering its next move.

“Israel is considering next steps” and that “the launch of so many missiles and drones to Israeli territory will be answered with a retaliation,” Halevi disclosed.

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Israel and the militant organisation Hamas, which Iran supports, have been at odds for six months, which has contributed to the growing tensions between the two countries. Attacks on Israel and its allies have escalated, with Iran’s agents all around the region claiming support for the Palestinians in Gaza.


After a tragic attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus on April 1, Iran launched its first-ever assault on Israeli land on Saturday, unleashing hundreds of missiles and drones. This marked a new high in the recent escalation.

According to the Israeli army, little damage was done because the majority of the incoming munitions were intercepted with help from the US and other partners.

According to Israeli media, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called a meeting of his war cabinet late on Monday to debate possible courses of action, despite warnings from Western countries against further escalation.

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Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian informed his Chinese counterpart over the phone on Tuesday that Iran was “willing to exercise restraint” and had no intention of further raising tensions. Iran had previously declared that it would consider the subject “concluded” until Israel retaliated.

Amid international scrutiny and pleas for de-escalation, the situation remains tight as both Israel and Iran consider their options.



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