“GEJ Must Go” Was Foreign Operation by US to Replace Jonathan - David Hundeyin

“GEJ Must Go” Was Foreign Operation by US to Replace Jonathan – David Hundeyin

by Victor Ndubuisi

Investigative journalist, author, and filmmaker David Hundeyin claimed that the US State Department’s “GEJ must go” campaign was a foreign intelligence operation based in Washington, DC, and that the local players involved in the marketing and political campaign to remove Goodluck Jonathan and install an illiterate in his place were nothing more than useful idiots.

Known for his sharp insights into West African issues, Hundeyin recently created a stir with this audacious critique of Nigerian politics.

Hundeyin launched harsh criticism on Saturday in a series of tweets directed at both foreign and local players influencing Nigerian politics.

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He said that other nations, especially the US, were coordinating a clandestine attempt to sway Nigeria’s political decisions. He maintained that the ousting of former President Goodluck Jonathan in 2015 was not solely a grassroots movement but rather a meticulously plan orchestrated by Washington DC.


Hundeyin drew attention to the social upheaval and economic slump that followed Jonathan’s exit and highlighted the unexpected effects of foreign intervention in Nigerian affairs.

He said, “I left the UK and returned to Nigeria to start my career in March 2013. Most of the Nigerian international students I went to uni with had already returned since 2012.

“Nearly all of us who came back started planning to escape from Nigeria in 2016. There was only one thing that changed in Nigeria between 2013 and 2016. We know what or who it was.

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“But yeah, “GEJ was a terrible president. If you keep repeating it to yourself 9 years later, despite being mocked by all the data in existence, that will somehow make it true.

“Me, I don’t care who has any investment in maintaining this gigantic untruth because none of you feeds me, and I will speak freely – “GEJ must go” was a foreign intelligence operation run out of Washington DC by the US State Department, whose doctrine interpreted Nigeria’s economic growth and growing partnership with China as a strategic threat to American economic and military interests on the continent.

“The Obama administration repeatedly interfered very directly and blatantly in that election cycle. Barack Obama recorded and posted a video urging Nigerians to “vote for the next chapter.” Michelle Obama involved herself in #BringBackOurGirls, which was itself merely the ‘Big Idea’ within the larger marketing campaign that was “Jonathan must go.” John Kerry travelled to Nigeria and met with the opposition.


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“The local players on the ground who took part in the marketing and political campaign to oust Goodluck Jonathan and replace him with the Illiterate were merely useful idiots – yes, that includes you reading this with your guilty conscience. If the shoe fits, I am definitely referring to you. You were nothing but a pawn in a geopolitical tussle between 2 of the Countries That Actually Matter.”

“Because you lack wisdom, insight and especially humility, you really thought you were doing something historic by removing an incumbent president – a trick you have not been able to repeat ever since, because the US State Department – which actually runs Nigeria – had no problem with 8 years of The Illiterate, and definitely has no problem with another 8 years of the Drug Dealer whom it actively protects.


“You idiots thought that you were empowered, politically awakened people, when you were just chess pieces on a board being pushed around by forces you were too stupid and egotistical to recognise. Now your GDP has effectively HALVED in just 9 years, and a whole generation of high-quality human capital has been lost to the US and its allies. And they didn’t bring back your girls! Stupid fucks,” he added


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