Cameroonian Sautes Peter Obi for Stimulating Change with Ideas Across Africa

by Victor Ndubuisi

According to Cameroonian Fateema Mamatee, Peter Obi’s creative ideas for development and change are causing ripple effects throughout Africa, beyond national boundaries.

She further said, “From Ghana to Zimbabwe, and even reaching as far as Kenya and Ivory Coast, Obi’s visionary ideas for progress are gaining traction”, positioning him as a relentless advocate for positive transformation.

Taking to her X account, Mamatee wrote, “On Peter Obi, it’s great to see that his influence is spreading across the African continent, from Ghana, Cameroon to Ivory Coast, and even as far as Kenya and Zimbabwe. Who knew that a Nigerian politician could have such a far-reaching impact?

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“Obi is on a mission to collect all the African countries like Pokémon, but instead of throwing Poké Balls, he’s throwing out ideas for development and change. And with each new country he visits, his influence grows stronger, like a political version of the Infinity Stones.


“But seriously, it’s refreshing to see a Nigerian politician who is not only focused on his own country but also on the betterment of the entire continent. It’s almost as if he’s trying to create a real-life Wakanda, minus the Vibranium and the high-tech gadgets.”

“So, here’s to Peter Obi, the man who’s showing the world that African leaders can be a force for positive change, both at home and abroad. And who knows, maybe one day we’ll all be saying “Wakanda forever” in his honour,” she added.

At the recent Inaugural Colloquium on Governance, Trade, and African Unity in Kenya, Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s 2023 presidential candidate, spoke to a group of policymakers, economists, and dignitaries. Obi stressed that the widespread fiscal indiscipline in many African nations has led to unproductivity, excessive consumption, and an alarming accumulation of unserviceable debts.

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Obi drew parallels with the fast expanding economies of China, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam, emphasising how these countries have effectively pulled millions out of poverty through resource management and responsible fiscal policies. On the other hand, sub-Saharan Africa is home to more than 60% of the continent’s severely impoverished, unemployed young, and out-of-school children due to the continent’s failure to implement comparable policies.

But in order to promote economic stability and expansion throughout the continent, Peter Obi stressed how critical it is that African governments give careful consideration to resource management and budgetary restraint.



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