Yul Edochie Breaks Silence on Absence at Junior Pope’s Burial

Yul Edochie Breaks Silence on Absence at Junior Pope’s Burial

by Sopuru Sopuru

Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has opened up about his absence at the funeral of his late colleague, Junior Pope. In a candid social media post on Tuesday, Edochie attributed his non-attendance to past betrayals by the late movie producer.

Edochie, who has recently declared himself a pastor, explained that he felt compelled to address his absence due to widespread curiosity. Despite considering Pope a brother, Edochie claimed that Pope had repeatedly betrayed him, which led to his decision not to attend the burial.

“I didn’t want to say anything until after his burial. Many have asked why I wasn’t there or why I haven’t spoken about it. I treated him like a brother and a good friend, but he repeatedly stabbed me in the back. That’s life,” Edochie wrote.

He hinted at revealing more details about the betrayals to serve as a lesson to others, and cautioned his followers to be careful about their wishes for others, as these could backfire.

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Edochie’s post has sparked mixed reactions among Nigerians. Many condemned his timing and tone, especially given his recent self-proclamation as a pastor. Instagram user Atuanya Chigozie urged Edochie to let go of past grievances for personal growth. Another user, Official Salma, criticized him for his unwillingness to forgive, while others questioned his sanctimonious nature given his own past actions.


Earlier this year, on January 29, Edochie launched his online ministry, True Salvation Ministry, via his YouTube channel. During the inaugural service, he recounted his spiritual journey and the life-changing car accident that prompted his commitment to serve God and humanity. This event, he described, marked a transformative “second life” distinct from his previous endeavors.


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