Anaedoonline.com is published by Freshminds Publishers, a Registered Publishing Media Organisation founded 1st of August 2017 with the motto: Projecting Anaedo to the World. It is meant to serve the information needs of the South East/ South South parts of Nigeria. It aims to serve the people through unflinching commitment to free enterprise, the rule of law and good governance.

It has titles that take care of specialised interests. These include: Anaedooline TV, Anaedooline Radio, Breaking News, Nigerian News & Multimedia, Daily publications in Nigeria covering Niger Delta, general national news, politics, business, energy, sports, entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, human interest stories, etc.

Categorically, Aanaedooline is a platform with a penetrating reach to all the nooks and crannies of the South East and South South, which is today complemented by the most sophisticated global readership through the internet address: www.anaedooline.com.  We dare say that we serve the menu hot and fresh in all areas of life; and a high level of professionalism is used. Checking ranking, Anaedooine hits below 400 in the Nigerian ranking; and below 79,,000 in global ranking; of which no media platform in Anambra State has ever come close to. This is too obvious to warrant any serious argument. Thus, we are projecting to be the largest and most visited online platform in Nigeria within the next 365 days.



 To impact positively on our Readers/Clients and society by providing high quality and reliable online media information for promoting knowledge, political stability and economic prosperity.



Anaedooline is consistent in quality and style. These make it a good advertising medium. We are very professional.  You cannot advertise fast moving-consumer-goods without the Anaedooline.



Nnewi, Anambra State.

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