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Stingy Boyfriend – 3 Ways to Deal with Him

by thrilliant

3 Ways To Deal With A Stingy Boyfriend

Couples giving and accepting gifts and other tangible, valuable things is a well-established relationship dynamic which actually deserves all the spotlight and discussion imaginable. And here’s why: no relationship thrives without sharing – and this goes beyond the things you can see and touch.

Partners also need to be able to give each other a corresponding amount of effort, respect, attention, love, affection… and yes… as many material things as they can afford. So if you are in a relationship with a guy who has problems sharing, especially on the level of material things, you are not overreacting by feeling uncomfortable with such behavior.

And to tackle this, here are three helpful tips for you:

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1. Talk to him about it

This is often the root cause of many relationship problems. Sometimes people may do things that are hurtful unintentionally because they believe that it is the right thing to do. By choosing to remain silent and pretending that everything is okay when it is not, you deny your partner the chance to understand your feelings about certain issues.


Therefore, if there is something that bothers you such as your partner being stingy or any other matter, it is important to have an open and honest conversation with them. This will allow them to make changes and improve the relationship.

2. Give him stuff

There’s also something to be said for leading by example. In this case, try to identify the things your partner needs and the gifts that he will find most useful, then give him as many of those things as you can find. One way to teach people how to relate to you is to relate to them in the same manner.

However, this doesn’t guarantee that they will understand your message and treat you in the same way, but it’s worth a try. Hopefully, your partner will understand what you’re trying to communicate.

3. Make your own money.

It’s okay to expect your partner to share material things with you, especially if your love language is receiving gifts. However, it’s important to keep in mind that for this type of relationship to work, it’s not enough to just be willing to spend money on your partner or shower them with gifts. You also need to have the financial means to do so.

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Making your own money and being able to afford gifts and other stuff for him, no matter how little gives the relationship a feeling of mutuality rather than parasitism.

It’s essential to distinguish between a stingy and a broke boyfriend. If you’re dating either, here’s how to handle things.


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