Fashonistas beware !! As “Fashion Police” Gets Set To Punish Indecent Dressers In Oko Polytechnic

Fashionistas beware !! As “Fashion Police” Gets Set To Punish Indecent Dressers In Oko Polytechnic

By Nancy Chidebe

The indecent dressing has been an “incurable disease” that has infected the Nigerian youths, especially Nigerian Students at the higher institutions. A lot has been said and done to checkmate the rising spate of indecent exposure, all to no avail.

Observers complain that indecent dressing is already an eyesore in the schools, owing to the fact that it has gone to the extent that some female students wear what they refer to as “Open-nyash”, show-belle, transparent clothes and three-quarters short Jeans to school , while the males wear clothes that also expose some parts of their bodies that shouldn’s exposed .

The Rector of Federal Polytechnic , Oko has risen to challenge to tackle the rising spate of indecent dressing.

The Rector of Federal Polytechnic Oko, Engr. Dr. Francisca Unoma Nwafulugo who happens to be the first female Rector of the Polytechnic has officially banned indecent dressing in the Institution.


The Erudite Rector, at the 35th matriculation of Oko Polytechnic , which took place on the 7th of May, 2019, officially placed a ban on any form of indecent dressing within the institution.

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According to her, she placed this ban in a bid to restore sanity in the institution as regards the students dress codes.

In very Strong words, The Rector said, “No Form of indecent dressing will be condoned within this school premises from both students and non-students, anyone who defaults would be made to face commensurate punishment meted out by the task force that is in charge of dress codes”

Dr. Nwafulugo Promised to make a positive history as the first female Rector of the institution, she enjoined all the staff of the institution to cooperate with the management of the institution so as to get a progressive outcome. She also urged the staff to shun any form of corruption while promising to reward hard work and productivity among staff and students. spoke with some students to get their reaction to the ban of indecent dressing within the institution, the student’s opinions were divided.


The immediate past SUG President of Oko Polytechnic , Giant Comrade Izuchukwu Akuche (aka Obiadada) was in support of the ban, he said, “I support the ban, because the rate of indecent dressing by the students, both in school and in Churches has become unbearable, anybody found in such act again should be severely dealt with, let’s see if decency will return back to its normal to stand. The way one dresses is the way he/she will be addressed”.

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Another student who pled anonymity spoke in “parables”, he said,” “this is not out of place, we should learn some lessons from the adage that says, if you dress like a rat, the cat will begin to chase you”.

According to a staff of the institution, he said, “the Polytechnic has really turned to an eyesore for the past years, I pray this ban is for real this time”.


However, some other students expressed misgivings towards the ban, One of the students who spoke with was of the opinion that the task force will use the ban to start harassing the students.

She said,”Well, I don’t support indecent dressing, but I just hope this is not a way to harass innocent students. We have witnessed in Federal Poly Oko where anti-cult decides who is a cultist just my looking at you.”

One of the female students angrily retorted,” “why should it be so? are we still in secondary school ?”.




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