Five Interesting Things About The CEO Of Savemore MarketPlace Owerri

by NwanyiAbia

Savemore marketplace Owerri has been in business for less than a year but has garnered a huge customer fan base. This has raised the question- who owns Savemore Marketplace.

Our correspondents did due diligence and have put together five amazing things you need to know about the CEO of Savemore Marketplace – Chief Ogochukwu Emenike. Knowing the owner of the brand will renew the consumer’s trust in the quality of the brand.

  • Who is Chief Ogochukwu Emenike

Chief Emenike is the CEO/Chairman, Savemore marketplace shopping mall in Owerri, Imo State. The mall became fully operational in December 2019 and has a huge customer base. Chief Ogochukwu is a husband and a father. He shuttles his days between Nnewi Anambra state and Owerri Imo state. He is dark and tall with a good poise to complement his features. He is a Christian, and hails from Urualla, Imo state. 

  • He Runs Roselife Hotels and a Director at Kotec Group

In addition to these, Chief Emenike is not new to doing business, he is also the Chief Executive Officer of Roselife hotel in Owerri, a bubbling enterprise that boasts as one of the premium hospitality outlets in Owerri. He is also the executive director of Kotec group which deals on Kotec bricks for building solid blocks with distinct designs. He has always been in the business of innovation. 

  • He is a serial entrepreneur

He is the Executive director of Tummy-Tummy. Do you know that Chief Ogochukwu Emenike is the younger brother of Chief Chika Emenike, the Chairman/CEO Kotec group?


He has been at the forefront of managing the enterprise with his brother. He is distinguished for his management abilities. Over the years, he has been known to always consider customers first in all his business establishments. One thing has often stood out about all his businesses and that is his ability to innovate and the strategic effort to satisfy customers. 

  • How he started his entrepreneurial journey in Nkwo Nnewi

The story of Ogochukwu Emenike dates back to 2 decades ago in Nkwo Nnewi where he was dealing in spare parts. As a matter of fact, he got a majority of his financial stability while in Nkwo Nnewi.

He has, through persistence, turned around the meager sum given to him as start-up capital to his current net worth estimated to be over one billion Naira. It is said that the length of service counts for expertise.

Going by this, chief Emenike can be said to be an expert in the business sector giving us more reasons to trust the durability and management of the Savemore marketplace brand. 

  • He is Generous

Chief Emenike is a known philanthropist – He is kind, compassionate, and thoughtful. This is usually translated in the form of aids, reliefs, palliatives, financial assistance, scholarships and he donates to the less privileged from time to time. Even along the road, Chief Emenike extends his philanthropic gestures to persons who require his assistance, complete strangers inclusive. 

All we know about Chief Emenike gives us more reasons to love and support his brand, Savemore Marketplace.

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