How Many Packs of Noodles Should You Eat in a Week and Why?

by NwanyiAbia

The introduction of noodles to our daily diet has raised questions as to how healthy its consumption is. This has raised the topic of how often, what age, and what type of noodles is appropriate.

As society evolves, we find out that people spend lesser time on unproductive ventures and prefer to make the most of their time. People spend 10 to 12 hours of their day out of the house, come home tired and hungry, they however fall into the routine of eating what is easy and fastest to prepare which is mostly noodles. This makes some people fall into the habit of eating noodles everyday.

People who have consciously or unconsciously fallen into the habit of eating noodles daily, making noodles for their children as lunch, worry about the nutritional value this gives, and have raised concerns.
(Which research)Some research has found that regular consumption of instant noodles may be associated with poor overall diet quality. One study compared the diets of instant noodle consumers and non-instant noodle consumers.

While the instant noodle consumers did have an increased intake of a few select micronutrients, they had a significantly decreased intake of protein, calcium, vitamin C, phosphorus, iron, niacin, and vitamin A. Additionally, the study found that instant noodle consumers had an increased intake of sodium and calories compared to the non-instant noodle consumers.

5 Things You Didnt Know About Jolly-Jolly


This has formed the basis of the premise that instant noodles are unhealthy for the body. With the above illustration, it is pertinent to note that instant noodle s are not harmful but regular consumption only means that some nutrients as highlighted above will be deficient in your body.

In the noodles production, there are different companies that produce according to buyer demand while there are those who produce according to nutrition demands.

Jolly Jolly instant noodles is one of the few companies that produce for the love of nutrition that is why, after in-depth analysis and research they introduced a special recipe that contains protein, calcium, vitamin C, phosphorus, iron, niacin and vitamin A in advanced quantity.

3 Best Recipes For Preparing Jolly Jolly Noodles

What does this translate? It simply means that frequent consumption of Jolly Jolly noodles will have no negative effect on your body as it will give you all the desired nutrients.
Another remedy is for the consumer to infuse the above deficient nutrients in their food during preparation using vegetables rich in vitamins, protein, calcium, iron, niacin, etc as a supplement.

Moderation is key, people have asked how many times is appropriate to consume Jolly Jolly noodles. The response is- An average of 10 packs of 120 grams sized packs a week is moderate, if your diet requires you to take more, it should not exceed 15 packs of 120 grams per week.

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