Five Great Spots To Propose To Your Woman In Enugu

by Okechukwu

The beauty of Enugu is not in doubt. But there is an aspect that might have been lost on even the person most familiar with the city: its romantic side. If you are considering popping the question to your girlfriend and you are in Enugu, you are in luck – your proposal would be as memorable as you want it to be, if public proposals are your thing.

If you desire to look down on the city as you propose to her, if you desire to have a poolside proposal, or among young people, in a quiet atmosphere with nature in the background, etc, you’re in the right city. Enugu was built for this.

Why are we making this proposal about the woman as though women do not propose to men? Women propose to men in painfully scanty numbers. It is not the norm (yet). But any woman reading this can always replace the feminine references with masculine ones.

It is hard to choose just five spots off the list of dozens of places where you can propose to your woman so consider each spot in this list, below, as a composite of a bunch of other places you can propose to your woman in Enugu.

1. Polo Mall


In Polo Mall alone, we can make a full post on spots you could propose to your woman. Because there are a lot of places you could choose to go down on a bended knee.

i. In the parking lot: We are assuming you want a lot of people to see you. In this spot, people coming into the mall from each of the two main gates, people going in and out of the banks, people waiting in front of MTN’s office, people coming out of the main building of the mall, people in the Ferris wheel, all, would catch you.

You could say but I am short to which we would say, it is immaterial. Proposals are a big deal in Enugu and it has a way of magnifying itself. You and bae would be captured in many phones, in more ankles than you can keep track of.

ii. In the sit-out: That place where people sit and eat KFC, Kilimanjaro, Golden Toast, etc, and have meetings and dates and just rest poor bones, is a cool spot you for proposals. You could use the outer area which means you are exposed to people passing by. Or you could use the inner section which would see you in the middle of “awws” from a large chunk of the sitters.

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This spot is great if you want closed-up captures on people’s phones.

iii. In front of Shoprite or Game: These spots are ever busy with shoppers trooping in and out. Just be sure to get out of the way of trolleys. Or, in a second look, it doesn’t matter, it is a proposal and no trolly pusher would want to interfere; trolleys would stand; people would applaud. And perhaps, the world would stand in awe of your hearts uniting.


iv. Inside Shoprite or Game: People are shopping or pretending to shop around, you babe might be deciding which milk brand to choose, suddenly, you are on one knee with a ring thrust forward, would you marry me? It doesn’t matter what part of the mall you choose to do this, people will catch you. You girl would shout anyway.

You may want to avoid rush periods like Black Fridays. You don’t want you, your base and the engagement ring to be trampled upon by crazy buyers in search of Awuf. Be guided.

PS: When we wrote this, Shoprite is/was still called Shoprite (this might have changed). Be guided.


v. in the cinema upstairs: You could do it on your own, at the waiting area before the ticket counter. Or inside the cinema before the movie starts or, for some fee, you can get the cinema to interrupt their movie and show, on the screen: Uju, would you marry me?

It doesn’t matter if there’s another Uju in the cinema. You are the one with the ring and your Uju is the most beautiful woman on the planet.

2. Okpara Square


Okpara Square on a Saturday morning is an anthill of activities. It is supposed to be about exercisers but Okpara Square has shaded every pretext of being about fitness – that it still is about, but it is more than that, and doesn’t feign anymore. People come to Okpara Square to “catch cruise”, to chase girls/boys, or to kill time.

Okpara Square is more than just the square. If the field was the most important thing, people would be using the Cathedral (Nnamdi Azikwe Stadium). Okpara Square is the people – young, energetic people who know most tricks about the world.

This is a cool place to propose to your lover.

You are young, your partner is young; you are energetic, your partner is no wool; you have your life full ahead of you. There is a thrill that comes from doing this among people like you.


You could choose the spot before a lonely gate of the Government House or you could choose the area lined with trees. Anywhere in Okpara Square is good enough for shared happiness with other youths which, we believe, is your motivation.

3. Nike Lake

If you want your proposal to be on the bank of a body of water, Nike Lake is your best natural bet. Enugu has dozens of places that would give you a poolside experience. But there is only one lake in the city. And the Nike Lake Resort has swimming pools in case you suddenly find the span of the lake intimidating.

Exploring Enugu's wonderland: Nike Lake resort - Mold By Mola


You shouldn’t count on anyone capturing this moment. It is not important. Even if you feel it is important, the stillness and bliss of nature before you is importanter. Now, the romantic line of “two hearts beating together and pumping blood into the same lake” would get a literal colour.

There is the added merit of an escape route. Rejection hurts. If she says no to you, you can splash into the lake and swim away your sorrow.

4. Ngwo Pine Forest


When the ancestors of Ngwo decided to plant trees to stem erosion that was threatening to eat up their land, it was a step taken for survival. Today, it has presented many in Enugu and beyond a tourist centre to explore, to capture, and picnic.

Ngwo Pine forest - Wikipedia

And it may have presented you with the best spot for your marriage proposal. Your proposal in this greenery setting is stuff you pull out of poetry. While the average proposal draws an exclamation of glee from the lady, proposing to her here would make her cry.


5. Udi Hills

If you are one with no qualms with heights and your woman is also in the same box, you could take your proposal outside coal city to Ugwueme and Udi Hills. There may be no one up there to capture this memorable moment but who needs people when you guys are close enough to touch the garments of angels.

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Proposing to your woman in Ugwueme Hills is one of the most adventurously romantic ways to begin your matrimonial journey. Your children and your children’s children and the ones after them would never stop talking about this.

And don’t overrate your energy. There won’t be any proposing if your girl has to give you mouth-to-mouth resuscitation at the top of the hill. And be really, really sure your baby is fit; you can’t propose to a girl you have to carry on your back all the way. Where is the energy to shout?


The headlined above have a lot of replicas in Enugu. The city is full of hills, clubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, campuses, malls, saloons, all, with enough space, class, and your kind of people around to witness you propose to your would-be wife. Add churches to your list. Anywhere you choose is good enough in Enugu.


The most important thing is to get a yes from her.

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