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Five Great Spots To Propose To Your Woman In Umuahia

In the middle of chaos, love is the only thing keeping people grounded. Taking the bold step to propose to your woman or man (because there is no law against a woman proposing) is a beautiful memory you want to tuck away and reminisce fondly. To create a beautiful memory, you have to be intentional, starting from carefully planning every detail including the spot of the proposal.

The location of your proposal can make or mar your memory, that is why we took our time to compile the top five great spots to propose to your woman in Umuahia, Abia State.  

Azumini Blue River

We can’t resist imagining how the picturesque view of the Azumini will look on the backdrop of your proposal pictures. A clear blue-green river, the sound of birds chirping in the background, you and your lover professing love, this is the definition of picture-perfect.

The Blue River runs along the boundary of  Akwa Ibom State, located at Umuahia Ibeku, Abia State. The sheer beauty of the river and the pleasantness of the environment has drawn tourist attractions over the years, becoming something like a resort. The attractiveness of the River lies in its crystal-clear blue color, canoe riding, sandy beaches with alluring features, and relaxation facilities with chairs, beach umbrellas, and tables. 


Side attractions on the beach also include a BBQ grill which offers appetizing delicacies for picnickers and tourists.

In Azumini, a River Goes Blue

Hotel Royal Damgrete

Hotels can never be wrong for a proposal, there are several romantic angles that can get you your ‘Yes’.

Hotel Royal Damgrete is like a fairytale land, with luxurious rooms and a bougie restaurant that is a world-class standard.  The hotel sits on a land area of 3.0 acres with 60 suites/rooms, 4 bars, a restaurant, Olympic size swimming pool, parking space for 150 cars, high-speed WiFi internet, conference halls of 500, 200, 70, and an executive board room with state of the art finishing for 20 people.

Hotel Royal Damgrete | Hotel in Umuahia |

Roots restaurants and cafe 


A classy restaurant date and a proposal in between are definitely in the rulebook of proposals. 

The roots restaurants, Umuahia will make a great spot for a candlelight dinner with its soft ambiance and wide range of intercontinental dishes. 

Five Things That Should Dominate Your First Date Gist With An Igbo Girl


From their rich African theme and display, it will have you rooted from the door, historical, elegant, and eco-friendly atmosphere. Someone said the Roots feels like you are home and this is what your lover should feel when you go down on one knee to pop the question. 

Their meals are freshly prepared, tasty, and aesthetically inviting. Healthy soups for a healthy pro

posal, you know.


ROOTS RESTAURANT & CAFE, Umuahia - Menu, Prices & Restaurant Reviews - Tripadvisor

Abia Mall

A branch of one of the most popular chain malls across the country is not exactly the most ideal spot for a proposal, but an out of box proposal wins all the time. Umuahia ShopRite like its counterparts has several outlets housed in the same complex, eateries, and restaurants lining the aisle.

Are you unsure of your proposal? Quoting an unknown philosopher: ‘the fastest way to a woman’s heart is to take her shopping. After she must have filled her trolley (mind you it’s going to mean a lot of money), drop on your knees and pop the question, and watch a big smile light up her face. Voila, who says a beautiful proposal has to be tasking?

Shoprite Opens At Abia Mall Umuahia – Igbere Post


Amakama Wooden Caves

The Amakama Wooden Caves is a huge extraordinary tree with a concave inside situated in the Amakama community, it is said that can fit more than 20 people at a time. it is one of the wonders of Abia State.

This cave is guarded by bees which only attack those with evil intents and charms. This tree has served as a safe haven to the community during the inter-tribal wars and slave trade era, all the reason why this should be your spot for proposing to your better half. A safe haven that will forever hold fond memories for you and yours.

Isienyi-Ukwu Amakama: Village where bees are guards -


Umuahia, the capital of Abia is quite a small town and the list of great spots is almost exhaustible, but hey a good proposal can do without all the pomp and grandeur. What matters at the end of the day is that you find love with the right person.

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