Oluwabamise: BRT Driver, Nice Andrew To Be Arraigned Today

How Arrested Lagos BRT Driver Raped Me Inside Bus – Lady Narrates

by Victor Ndubuisi

Mr Nice Andrew Omininikoron is accused of rapping a woman aboard a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) bus in Lagos.

Andrew was arrested for the savage murder of a passenger, Oluwabamise Ayankole, who was on her way to Oshodi inside his bus, according to Anaedoonline.ng.

After boarding the BRT bus operated by Nice Andrew, 47, Bamise’s body was discovered on a bridge in Ebute Ero.

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A female victim told Newsmen that Mr Omininikoron raped her on the BRT vehicle on November 25, 2021.


According to the lady, who worked as a sales girl at a business in Ajah, she boarded the suspect’s BRT bus after she finished work about 8 p.m.

Lovely was supposed to transport her from the Alesh Bus Stop in Ajah to Jakande, along the Lekki Epe Expressway, when he opted to park the bus and rape her with a nice, according to her.

“He turned off the bus’s light as we were on our way, but the AC was still on.” He abruptly parked the bus as we neared the first toll gate going from Ajah. He then motioned for me to come to the front and began asking me various things,” she explained.

“I spotted him using a narcotic, and I assumed he parked the bus so he could take it before time ran out.”
He began making approaches towards me a few minutes later, and I could see that his manhood had grown.
I grew agitated and demanded to be let down, but he refused to unlock the door.

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“He stated he wanted us both to relax and that he wanted to have sex with me, but I declined.” He suddenly pulled out a knife and forced me to the bus’s rear seat. He demanded that I remove my clothing, but I resisted. He threatened to assassinate me. He tore my gown, yanked down the biker shorts I was wearing, and raped me. I felt sad”.

“He insisted on taking me to my destination at Jakande Bus Stop,” she said. He didn’t open the door when we arrived at my bus stop. He asked my account number and began apologizing for what he had done. He stated that he wanted to transfer money to me in order to get pills.


“I refused to give him my account, but he persisted in demanding it and refusing to let me in.”
He took my phone before raped me, and since I required proof, I gave him my account number, and he transferred N3,000. After that, he opened the door and I walked out.

“I could not speak out because I was ashamed of what happened and believed I could not get justice. But when his pictures started circulating online regarding the death of the lady (Oluwabamise), I told my friend that I knew him (Omininikoron).

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“After seeing his coloured picture, I went to my bank, requested my statement of account, traced the day he sent me the money, and it was the same name, Omininikoron Nice, which was in the picture circulating.

“I told my friend about it and she introduced me to a rights activist. Some people may question me for speaking out now, but I am speaking out because of the girl. That man must not be freed because he is responsible for what happened.”

It was gathered that the lady provided a statement of account which confirmed Omininikoron sent N3,000 to her on November 25, 2021.


She also shared a video clip of her torn clothes.


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