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Southeast Unrest Politically Motivation, Claims Don

by Echezona obinna

Francis Dike, a senior Nigerian advocate, claimed on Tuesday that the South-East region’s insecurity was driven by politics.

The former attorney general and commissioner of justice for Imo State, Dike, a law professor, told reporters in Owerri that the federal government had a constitutional obligation to guarantee the integrity of the general elections in 2023.

The elderly man urged Nigerians to hold the FG accountable if elections weren’t held the next year.

Dike responded to the attack on the Independent National Electoral Commission’s state headquarters by saying, “There will be elections, and if there aren’t, it is the Federal Government’s fault. Elections serve as the keystone in its responsibility to uphold the federation’s constitutionality.

“People should believe we’re going to have elections. This is what happened sometime ago when the good ones said there might not be election and withdrew from the political arena, and we had some ragamuffin voted in.
“We have a situation where people are going off in all directions, it’s one of the problems in the Southeast, our society was hijacked by mediocrities politically and we are still suffering it today. It’s only recently that you have some people coming out with a philosophical argument. But if you look well, it’s the dregs of the society”.


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“We may have a few we can write home about, but the others are just a gang of ragamuffin, and that has filtered into the general society.
“We cannot understand how some young men, we don’t know their backgrounds, education but presumably being tele-guided by some political parties, let us face it. You cannot say there will not be election and you want to enforce it by violence. There must be an election, I think I believe that.

“I was counsel to then Senate President and if he tells you the class of people representing Southeast, you will cry. People who are chasing visas to travel when there are issues to be addressed.”


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