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Nigeria Is Too Big To Have Trouble, Nothing Will Happen On May 29th – Methodist Prelate

His Eminence Oliver Ali Aba, the Prelate of the Methodist Church of Nigeria, has declared that nothing bad will happen on May 29 when one civilian administration will be replaced by another.

The priest argued that in order to advance Nigeria, its citizens must work with its political authorities.

He claimed that because Nigeria is like a father to other smaller countries, anything happens there will undoubtedly have an impact on the entire continent of Africa. As a result, Nigeria cannot afford to be in a crisis.

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He continued by saying that Nigeria already had a President-elect and that everyone should support democracy and the President-elect’s success.


journalists report Inaugurating the new Methodist Diocese of Awka and installing Rt. Rev. Onyekachi Nwakanma as Bishop, Aba gave a speech on Thursday.

In his words, “Nothing bad will happen on May 29. We Nigerians should be able to love our country. Are we happy with what is happing in Sudan or Kenya where about 89 people were recently buried due to an act of nepotism and Kenya’s government said it had gone beyond cultism but an act of terrorism?

“Every Nigerian must join hands to take our country to the next level. We should know that Nigeria is the pride of the African continent and wherever they see us, they respect us. So, why must we not behave as a father to these nations? “We must live by example, after all, we say we are the giant of Africa. If we are the giant of Africa, we must act as we are.

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“I believe that May 29 will just be a normal day in which our people will be happy for embracing democracy. All we know is that only one person will be there as president and we must support him.

“Whether we are wrong or right, we should join hands to build a better Nigeria for the good of our country and our children unborn. We must safeguard the future of our children by building a credible society for them.

“What is happening is that many Nigerians don’t understand these politicians. I have been with them for long and there is no permanent enemy among them, but permanent interest and so, we must not create trouble for them.


“When they start making merry together, we will not be there. We must therefore not bit the drum of war and what we know is that God loves Nigeria and wants to keep her people together.

“I don’t know all the intrigues in politics as I only read the Bible and I did not go to the University to read politics, but what I’ m saying is that whatever the situation, peace in our country must be our major concern.

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“I have travelled widely and seen what is happing in other parts of the world and I know that Nigeria is too big to have trouble.

“Nationals of some countries, like Cameroon, are in our country because of the trouble in their country and as children of God, we should not be talking about war all the time. Even as Christians, if there is war, we won’t settle down properly to pray to God. If there is war, are we sure that our lives will be safe?

” We should not ask for what we have not experienced, because those who witnessed the civil war know that war is not good. So May 29 will come and we will enjoy it.”


Aba also urged unity among Christians while emphasizing that Christ is one.


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