Obi Cubana Reacts Over Viral Story About His Struggles As A Laundry man

How Obi Cubana Became King of NightLife & Showbiz

by Victor Ndubuisi

By Uloka Chibuike

Obinna Iyiegbu has since become a worldwide star. He is now regarded and honored as Nigeria’s “Father of Nightlife and showbiz.”

This would not have been conceivable a few years ago with Obinna Iyiegbu, aka Obi_cubana, because he was unknown in the public space.

We first heard of Cubana through one Cubana chief priest, whose mastery of social media to promote the Cubana brand was exceptional, and he became so unique and popular.

He sold the Cubana trademark so brilliantly that he became the envy of many in showbiz and nightlife.


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The Imo State-born Chibuike, alias Cubana Chief Priest, was thought to be the big masquerade of the Cubana trademark and all its subsidiaries; this explains the unpopularity of Obinna Iyiegbu at the time.

Many of us followed and admired Chief Priest so much that news of his departure from Cubana to establish his own trademark broke the Internet.

His choice divided the media, with several factions supporting and opposing his decision to float Xhrine and use his skills for his own business.

There was this claim that his exit meant the end of Cubana nightclub, which had its headquarters in Owerri, Imo State, at the time.

It was difficult to believe that somebody close to the pioneer Cuban Chief Priest could exist. Without a doubt, he was unique in his own way.

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However, his departure provided Obinna Iyiegbu with the popularity and success he is enjoying today.

The departure of Chief Priest did not devastate him as much as many might believe; rather, it allowed him to diversify and reinvent himself to become the nightlife and entertainment titan he is today.

While Obi_cubana expanded his club business to accept additional innovations, classes, and ranks of people, Cubana Chief Priest’s PR style died slowly as his overall best could not match or measure strength with his benefactor’s innovation.


Today, Obinna Iyiegbu is everything he envisioned for his boy chief priest, or even more.

If Chief Priest had not opted to pursue his own trademark, Obinna Iyiegbu’s success in showbiz and nightlife would have come through the person of Chief Priest, but life has its own twists and turns.

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According to where he was a few years ago, the chief priest is now forgotten and unpopular. He may have enough money in the bank to take care of his wants; that’s without a doubt, but his fame has faded.Those who know how Cubana began, with the Chief Priest as the face of Cubana, would understand his unpopularity today. He is now a local champion struggling to make the news on social and mainstream media.

Regardless of anyone’s bias, Obinna Iyiegbu deserves our respect and accolades. He should be penciled in for national honors above anyone else.

Anything that has the mention of Obi Cubana in it now turns into a feast. All these he achieved doing what others have done, albeit differently.


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