top 10 states with the most beautiful girls

The Top 10 States With The Most Beautiful Girls In Nigeria

by Victor Ndubuisi

The top 10 states with the most beautiful girls in Nigeria are those with an abundance of stunning ladies. Nigeria is home to gorgeous damsels from all over the country, and we have narrowed down the top ten states that stand out for their beautiful girls. Let’s take a closer look at these states and see what makes their women unique.


Top 10 States With The Most Beautiful Girls In Nigeria

1. IMO

This state undeniably boasts some of the most stunning women in the country, radiating beauty in every aspect. Imo State takes pride in being home to iconic women known for their striking beauty, including names like Genevieve Nnaji, Nichole Banna, Mercy Eke, Eucharia Anunobi, and many others who effortlessly grace the ranks.

It comes as no surprise that Imo State has earned its reputation for having the highest number of pageants and models in Nigeria. Notably, Imo State University alone accommodates 60% of these captivating beauties.



Lagos, per se, stands as a showcase of exquisite and classy beauties, a testament to its cosmopolitan nature. The state serves as a melting pot for the most beautiful girls from diverse backgrounds and entities. A visit to Akoka alone would reaffirm this truth.


Calabar girls don’t just excel in beauty; they redefine it. Their prowess extends beyond looks, especially when it comes to matters of the bedroom. The abundance of naturally beautiful girls in Cross River State harmonizes seamlessly with the serene and ambient nature of the region, creating an environment where beauty thrives in every aspect.

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The ‘Desperate Chicks’ music crew showcases an impressive lineup of beauties that will undoubtedly captivate your attention. Enugu, the state they call home, boasts a population of stunning women that can leave you in awe.

The allure of Enugu girls is such that you can hardly walk a mere 5 meters without finding yourself compelled to turn and admire the beauty of a girl on the other side of the road.

The nightlife in Enugu adds another layer of vibrancy to the city, ensuring that the enchantment with its mesmerizing women extends beyond the daylight hours.



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The oil-rich region not only flaunts its wealth in natural resources but also the abundance of beautiful girls, ladies, and women it proudly hosts.


Delta State, known for its richness in various aspects, stands out for the concentration of sweet apples in cities like Asaba, Agbor, and Auchi. The allure of these locations is potent enough to secure Delta’s well-deserved spot on the list of places adorned with captivating women.



The riverine state claims its spot on our list of the top ten states with beautiful girls. From Ikwerre to Kalabari and Okrika, the ladies of Rivers State are a breathtaking sight to behold.

Remarkably, aside from Lagos and Abuja, Port Harcourt boasts some of the most expensive and classy chicks. Approach a UNIPORT babe without your car keys at your own risk


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Anambra Chicks are not just classy and beautiful, but their women also boast the best brains. From Chimamanda Adichie, the revered Author, to Jennifer Eliogu the beautiful actress, Anambra is up there.

They are wife materials any day. UNIZIK guys can testify. Anambra is often regarded as one of Nigeria’s states with the most attractive women. Three times, ladies from Anambra have taken home the MGBN award.

In 2015, Unoaku Anyadike of Anambra State was named Nigeria’s Most Beautiful Woman.


Furthermore, two Anambra ladies have represented Nigeria in the Miss Universe pageant, and three have represented Nigeria in the Miss World pageant


TY Bello, the timeless songstress hailing from Ogun State

TY Bello, the timeless songstress hailing from Ogun State



Ogun State boasts the captivating beauty of its Yoruba girls, known for their cultural richness impeccable fashion sense, and educational excellence.

Blending modern trends with traditional elements, the Yoruba girls from Ogun State showcase a unique fashion sense highlighted by vibrant aso-ebi during special occasions. Achieving academic excellence in prestigious institutions, they exude warm hospitality and an entrepreneurial spirit, enhancing their overall charm.

Notable personalities like TY Bello and Bukky Wright exemplify the abundance of beauty in Ogun State.




Beautiful women from Kano State

Beautiful women from Kano State


Kano state is home to culturally enriched and stunning women, who hail from the ancient Hausa Kingdom, a place deeply influenced by Arab, Fulani, and Kanuri settlements. Beyond their veils, these women are celebrated for their beauty, intelligence, and remarkable achievements.

This was evident when Governor Abba Kabir-Yusuf appointed Justice Dije Aboki as the first female Chief Judge in the state on July 6th, highlighting their intellectual prowess and breaking barriers.

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10. EDO

Edo girls are the embodiment of grace and allure, exuding a charm that transcends mere theory to become a captivating reality. A visit to Benin is a transformative journey, where the captivating beauty of Edo girls comes to life.


Failing to appreciate and be captivated by the mesmerizing allure of Edo girls during such a visit is not just an oversight, but a testament to one’s inability to recognize and appreciate true beauty.

What do you think about our list of the top 10 States with the most beautiful girls In Nigeria? Feel free to comment below and share your opinion on which states in Nigeria have the most beautiful women.



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