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Lawyers Engage in Physical Altercation at Enugu State Court; Haul Chairs At Each Other(Video)

by Ikem Emmanuel

In a startling and unprecedented turn of events at the Customary Court in Obukpa town, Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State, a dramatic physical altercation unfolded between two lawyers, leaving spectators and court officials in disbelief.

The cause of the brawl remains unclear, but it unfolded in a shocking manner as the two legal professionals resorted to shouting and even physical violence, with chairs being lifted and harsh words exchanged.

A viral video capturing the incident showed the two lawyers in a heated dispute, with one of them taunting the other by calling him a “small boy” and even labeling him a “mad man.” The tension escalated as they threatened each other, with one lawyer daring the other to touch him again.

The situation grew increasingly intense, and the first lawyer decided to exit the courtroom. As he left, the other lawyer resorted to name-calling, accusing him of having bleached his skin “like a fool” and “like a woman.”

The entire scene was not only a shock to those present but also deeply embarrassing for the legal profession. The Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) in Nsukka, Barr Ferdinand Ugochukwu Ukwueze, expressed his dismay at the incident and confirmed that the association was investigating the matter.


Ukwueze emphasized that such behavior was unacceptable and tarnished the noble image of the legal profession. He stated that once the investigation was complete, appropriate sanctions would be applied. This incident has drawn attention to the need for professionalism and decorum within the legal community.

See the video below:

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