Former Nigerian Minister of Power, Professor Bart Nnaji Exposes Diesel Suppliers and Generator Dealers Hindering Electricity Supply

by Ikem Emmanuel

Former Minister of Power, Professor Bart Nnaji, has shed light on a concerning issue in Nigeria’s quest for a stable power supply. During a radio program in Abia State, he revealed how diesel suppliers and generator dealers are allegedly sabotaging efforts by the federal government and power distribution companies to ensure a consistent supply of electricity in the country.

According to Nnaji, these entities see a stable power supply as a threat to their businesses. He recounted how some diesel suppliers had approached him, expressing their concerns that he was negatively impacting their livelihoods by advocating for improved power generation.

Nigeria’s reliance on generators for electricity due to its substantial power needs has created a lucrative market for diesel suppliers and generator sellers. These businesses often thrive on the frequent power outages and shortages that plague the country.

Nnaji’s remarks also exposed the presence of “cabals” in the power sector who profit from the ongoing issues of poor power supply. He cited an incident where individuals, allegedly sponsored by a diesel supply company, cut down power lines to disrupt the electricity supply to thousands of users.

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This revelation highlights the complexities of improving Nigeria’s power infrastructure. While efforts are made to provide consistent and reliable electricity, there are economic interests that benefit from the status quo, making the journey toward energy stability a challenging one.

Nnaji’s call to these businesses to consider alternative ventures, such as power generation, reflects the need for a coordinated effort to transform Nigeria’s energy landscape and ensure a better quality of life for its citizens.

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