Mohbad's Father Warns Against Anybody Taking His Body Without His Permission

Mohbad’s Father Insists on DNA Test for Late Singer’s Son

by Ikem Emmanuel

Joseph Aloba, the father of the late Nigerian singer, Ilerioluwa Olademeji Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad, has expressed his insistence on conducting a DNA test on his grandson, Liam. This decision comes as Nigerians have been engaged in a debate over the paternity of the child since Mohbad’s passing.

In a recent interview with Stams TV, Mr. Aloba emphasized the importance of conducting a DNA test to determine Liam’s true paternity. He believes this issue has become a matter of national concern.

Regarding rumors that a DNA test had already been conducted, Mr. Aloba stated that such a test could not have taken place without his consent. He firmly believes that he must be present during the DNA test or send a representative to ensure the procedure’s transparency and accuracy. Additionally, he insisted that the DNA test should be conducted at two different hospitals to confirm the results.

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Aloba shared, “Concerning the DNA test, it’s a must they do it. Nigerians are demanding for it. I heard rumors that they did it, but no matter what, I’m Mohbad’s father, so I’ll give consent for the DNA test or send anyone who can represent me during the test if I’m not there to know how they’ll do it. And even when they want to do it, it should be done in two different places so we can be very sure and know the truth.”


He further revealed his stance on accepting the child, stating, “We don’t accept bastards where I’m from, but it will be a thing of joy for me if this child is Mohbad’s because this is the only child he said he left for me.” Mr. Aloba recounted a moment with his late son just days before his passing when he held Liam in his arms, capturing the precious memory.

The DNA test, as insisted upon by Mr. Aloba, is seen as a critical step in determining the child’s true parentage, thereby resolving the ongoing debate and ensuring clarity about Liam’s future.

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