Ferrari SP-8 Unveiled: A Futuristic Roadster Celebrating the Iconic V8 Engine

by Ikem Emmanuel

Ferrari has introduced its latest creation, the Ferrari SP-8, as a tribute to its acclaimed twin-turbocharged 3.9-liter V8 engine, a four-time winner of the prestigious Engine of the Year award. The SP-8 is built upon the underpinnings of the F8 Tributo and F8 Spider, both of which were named after this very powerplant, but it takes a unique approach, transforming these foundations into a futuristic roadster.

Here are the standout features of the Ferrari SP-8:

Roofless Design: Unlike the convertible F8 Spider, the SP-8 forgoes a roof entirely. This design choice allowed Ferrari’s engineers and designers to rework the tail section of the car completely, as there was no need to accommodate space for a folding roof.

Distinctive Split Shoulder Line: The absence of a roof has given rise to a dramatic split in the car’s shoulder line. It features a carbon-fiber and glass upper deck paired with a silver-painted lower area flowing into the engine bay cover.

Aerodynamic Refinements: The removal of the roof required significant aerodynamic adjustments to minimize wind noise and maintain performance.

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Front-End Restyling: The carbon-fiber front end has been restyled with thinner headlights and a wider grille to enhance airflow to the front radiators. The area is left unpainted, creating a striking contrast with the matte grey rear end.


Heritage References: The SP-8 incorporates several nods to past and present Ferrari models. The rear lights draw inspiration from those of the Roma Grand Tourer, while the five-spoke wheels are reminiscent of the iconic F40.

Modern Interior: Inside, the center console has been modified to accommodate the H-pattern gear selector from the SF90 and 296 GTB models.

The Ferrari SP-8 is a one-of-a-kind creation commissioned by a client in Taiwan, where the number eight holds great significance as a symbol of luck. It will be showcased at the Ferrari Finali Mondiali at the Mugello circuit in northern Italy on October 24, after which it will find its home at the Ferrari Museum in Maranello until March 2024.

This special project demonstrates Ferrari’s commitment to celebrating its iconic V8 engine and pushing the boundaries of automotive design.

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