LATEST UPDATE: Erisco Foods And The Nagiko Tomato Mix Review Saga

LATEST UPDATE: Erisco Foods And The Nagiko Tomato Mix Review Saga

by AnaedoOnline

In a recent turn of events, the contentious review of Nagiko Tomato Mix by Chioma Egodi Jr. has taken yet another unexpected twist. After weeks of back and forth, Mrs. Egodi initially issued an apology for her review but has now withdrawn it, raising more questions in the ongoing saga.

The initial review, which sparked a social media frenzy, took place on September 17th when Chioma Egodi Jr., a procurement agent and businesswoman from Anambra State, shared her experience with Nagiko Tomato Mix on her Facebook page. She criticized the product, citing excessive sweetness, and her post attracted numerous comments, including some expressing concern about the product’s quality.

Erisco Foods, the manufacturer of Nagiko Tomato Mix, took legal action in response to the allegation of “killing people” through the police by inviting Mrs. Egodi for questioning, which further fueled the controversy.

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On September 24th, Mrs. Egodi reported being invited by the police for questioning while leaving a mini importation event in Ogudu, leading to public outrage over Erisco Foods’ response to the matter.


As with many micro-influencers, speculations arose about the motives behind the review, whether it was for financial gain or clout. On October 30th, Mrs. Egodi issued an apology on her page, but doubts about its authenticity remained.

Erisco Foods, a Nigerian food products company, has been in operation since 2004, producing various food products for the Nigerian market, including Erisco Tomato Paste, Ric-giko Tomato Paste, and Nagiko Tomato Mix. The company’s commitment to producing in Nigeria has contributed to significant savings for the country.

After the apology, we conducted interviews in Nnewi, Anambra State, to gather unbiased opinions on Nagiko Tomato Mix. Many individuals who have used the product shared their positive experiences, highlighting its versatility, taste and fast-selling nature. Food vendors also praised the product’s quality.

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For an honest review of Nagiko Tomato Mix straight from the people of Nnewi, click the provided link to watch our video report on Anaedo Tv.

Stay tuned for further developments in this intriguing saga, as Erisco Foods and Chioma Egodi Jr. navigate the aftermath of the controversial review.



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