Gilmore, Nigerian Skit Maker faces criticism

by Ikem Emmanuel

Muhammad Glimore Adekunle,  Nigerian skit maker popularly known as Gilmore, has recently found himself in the midst of controversy. Renowned for creating humorous skits that often explore various aspects of people’s lifestyles, Gilmore’s latest creation has sparked heated discussions and backlash both locally and internationally.

The skit in question humorously portrayed the behavior of women during hangouts, a theme that had been well-received by Nigerian audiences. However, when the content made its way to Black American Twitter, a segment of the audience took offense, accusing Gilmore of being “against” women.

Some former Twitter users, now on the X platform, shared their perspectives on the controversy. @TrendingEx tweeted, “Gilmore is trending because of his skit about how women hang out. The skit was okay for Nigerians until it made its way to Black American Twitter. Now, Gilmore is being dragged internationally and locally for being ‘against’ women.” This highlights the cultural nuances and differences in perception that can arise when content transcends borders.

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@theSheddyking pointed out the influence of external opinions, stating, “A certain group did not have a problem with the Gilmore video until they saw Black American women bashing it. Not being able to think for yourself is crazy.” This comment underscores the impact of external viewpoints on shaping local perceptions, and the potential for cultural misunderstandings in the era of globalized social media.

Furthermore, @Xandresparadise expressed a different perspective, stating, “I love Gilmore, I LOVE paperchaze, and I have nothing against this Nigga, but I really can’t stand gay shit, or shit that looks remotely close, I’m sorry, couldn’t watch this shit to the end.” This tweet reflects the diversity of opinions on social media platforms and the varying sensitivities of different audience segments.


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The incident highlights the challenges content creators face in navigating the cultural landscape of diverse audiences on social media. It also underscores the importance of considering the potential implications and interpretations of content when it reaches audiences beyond its original target demographic.

As Gilmore finds himself at the center of this online storm, the incident prompts a broader conversation about cultural sensitivity, interpretation, and the global reach of social media content. It serves as a reminder of the need for nuanced discussions that take into account diverse perspectives and cultural contexts.

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