Peter Obi Calls for Salary Reforms for Nigerian Professors

Peter Obi Calls for Salary Reforms for Nigerian Professors

by Ikem Emmanuel

Peter Obi Calls for Salary Reforms for Nigerian Professors: Peter Obi, in a recent series of tweets, shed light on the distressing situation faced by Nigerian university professors, highlighting the stagnant salaries and deteriorating living conditions of these esteemed educators. Obi shared a poignant encounter with a professor who, despite achieving the pinnacle of his academic career, expressed deep dissatisfaction with his current remuneration.

The professor, who initially graduated with first-class honors and later became a lecturer, revealed to Obi that his salary had remained unchanged since January 31, 2010. This revelation, coupled with the depreciation of the Nigerian currency over the years, paints a grim picture of the economic challenges faced by university professors. What was once a respectable salary in 2010 has now dwindled to a mere fraction of its former value in 2024.

Peter Obi delved into a comparative analysis, highlighting the alarming fact that a Nigerian university professor now earns only 10% of what they earned 14 years ago. In 2010, the professor’s salary of N400,000 amounted to approximately $2665 with an exchange rate of N150.10 per dollar. Fast forward to 2024, with a prevailing exchange rate of N1,510 per dollar, the same salary now translates to a mere $265.

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The dire consequences of this financial erosion became evident when the professor shared his aspirations to become a Special Adviser, as it would offer better financial prospects than continuing his role as an educator. Obi, moved by this distressing revelation, emphasized the need for a comprehensive examination of the situation and proposed reforms to address the financial disparities.

Drawing attention to the critical role education plays in national development, Obi questioned how the country could attract and retain a committed workforce in the education sector when the earnings of professors are regressing. He lamented the paradox where the government allocates substantial funds to purchase personal SUVs for legislators while university professors struggle with meager salaries that cannot keep up with the rising cost of living.


In summary, Peter Obi fervently champions the dismantling of economic injustice, emphasizing the need for salary reforms benefiting Nigerian professors and academics. His vision extends to the creation of a functional society, ensuring individuals receive just rewards for their talents, efforts, and sacrifices. With a focus on positive change, Obi’s campaign envisions a New Nigeria that values and supports its educators.


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