Senator Ned Nwoko Advocates for Citizens' Right to Bear Arms

Senator Ned Nwoko Advocates for Citizens’ Right to Bear Arms

by Ikem Emmanuel

Senator Ned Nwoko is pushing for a bill in the National Assembly that would grant Nigerian citizens the right to bear lawful firearms. The proposed legislation comes with stringent requirements, including obtaining a certificate of mental sanity from a doctor, notifying the local Divisional Police Officer (DPO), and obtaining police clearance and a license.

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Speaking passionately on the matter, Senator Ned Nwoko addressed the issue of insecurity in the country, emphasizing that the current system has failed to protect vulnerable citizens. He argued that waiting to be at the mercy of illegally armed criminals is not an option and expressed skepticism about the effectiveness of the police force and the Service Chiefs in addressing the crisis within the next 3 to 4 years.

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“I do not speak for people like you who are vulnerable and want to remain vulnerable. I speak for those who want to protect themselves and their wives,” Senator Ned Nwoko asserted.

He highlighted the prevalence of illegal weapons in the hands of terrorists and the inadequacy of the police force to defend the entire population. His solution? Empowering Nigerians to defend themselves legally.

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While many may find merit in Nwoko’s arguments, there are concerns about the potential repercussions of allowing widespread firearm ownership. The fear of anarchy and corruption in the arms acquisition process is one such worry. Senator Ned Nwoko suggested that even the DPO in each location should be informed of gun owners, adding another layer of regulation to the proposal.


However, contemplating the possibility of individuals brandishing firearms in response to various provocations raises questions about public safety and potential misuse of this newfound freedom.

In response to the proposal, some argue for exploring alternative measures, such as devolving powers to state and community policing, before resorting to such extreme measures. The debate on whether legalizing the bearing of firearms is the right solution to Nigeria’s security challenges continues, with citizens and policymakers weighing the pros and cons of this bold legislative move. What are your thoughts on this controversial proposal?



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