UK lawyer Mason Greenwoods case

Mason Greenwood Case: UK Lawyer Advocates

by Ikem Emmanuel

In a recent statement, UK lawyer @dolawanle on X has expressed his unwavering commitment to ensuring fairness and justice in the case of Mason Greenwood, the talented Manchester United footballer. Drawing attention to issues of race and prejudice, the lawyer emphasized the importance of unbiased treatment in legal proceedings.

“As a lawyer, a black man, and a @ManUtd fan, I will keep writing until fairness and justice are served in Mason Greenwood’s case,” stated @dolawanle. He firmly believes that Greenwood, who was just 20 years old at the time of the alleged incident, would have been treated differently if he were not black.

@dolawanle criticized those opposing Greenwood’s return to Manchester United, labeling them as either racists or illiterates who lack an understanding of legal principles. He argued that given the circumstances and the dropping of charges against Greenwood, it is unjust to label him guilty.


Referring to statements from Manchester United and Greenwood himself denying the accusations, @dolawanle condemned the rush to judgment by some members of the public as “pure mental laziness.”

The lawyer concluded by expressing hope that Sir Jim Ratcliffe and his team would prioritize justice, reinstate Greenwood, and assist in his rehabilitation.

The case of Mason Greenwood highlights broader issues of racial bias and fairness within the legal system, prompting calls for greater accountability and transparency in handling such


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