NANS Writes Tinubu, Accuses Dangote of Mismanaging CITN Funds

NANS Writes Tinubu, Accuses Dangote of Mismanaging CITN Funds

by Victor Ndubuisi

In an open letter to Chief Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) expressed their worries and levelled charges against Aliko Dangote regarding the purported financial mismanagement at the Cement Technology Institute of Nigeria (CTIN).

NANS writes that they are extremely disturbed by the mismanagement and lack of transparency in CTIN throughout Dangote’s tenure as the organization’s founder and self-appointed life chairman.

In keeping with CTIN’s founding objectives, the letter emphasises the strategic funding designated for chances for training and development for Nigerian young in the cement sector.

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NANS describes the misuse of these money as an act of economic sabotage and asserts that it poses a severe threat to future developments.


In the letter, NANS stated, “We, the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), being the voice and representatives of the Nigerian Students, a large percent of youth constituency of our population and by extension defender of oppressed citizens and advocate of the Nigerian masses, the bearers of our nation’s future and voice of the voiceless young generation.”

“Today we are raising our voices in protest, We are writing to you to express our deep concern and outrage regarding the mismanagement and lack of accountability within the Cement Technology Institute of Nigeria (CTIN), an organisation under Alh Aliko Dangote’s Leadership as pioneer and self imposed life Chairman.”

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“The alleged misused, diversion and misappropriation of such strategic fund intended to provide training and development opportunities for Nigerian youth in the cement industry in line with the establishment goals of CTIN is a weighty one, in fact it’s a future-threatening act and an act of economy sabotage.”

“Certainly, the fund has been squandered, leaving a trail of broken promises and shattered dreams as nothing can be pointed at as an achievement in this regard.”

“The situation of countless Nigerian youths, who remains unemployed and lacking technical skills in a rapidly advancing global economy like ours, is a harsh testament to the repercussions of such mismanagement and embezzlement. Another hidden factor responsible for the unprecedented hike in cement price in the country.”

“We are living in a country where our potential is suppressed and our future is uncertain courtesy of greed and selfishness of a microscopic few in position of authority, while leaders of our industries such as Aliko Dangote with such a special intervention fund failed to do the needful but rather enrich themselves by diverting such funds intended for our growth and development for only God and Dangote known purpose and use.”


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“We demand answers, we demand accountability, we demand explanation and we demand justice.”

It is our clear request that Bola Tinubu direct the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment to immediately and urgently disclose to the public, as a matter of national importance, the details of her role thus far, the status, management, and use of the over 20 billion Naira (roughly $100 million at the time) contributed as levies on imported cement to CTIN for technical training purposes since more than a decade ago, when Nigeria was still importing cement.


“We know and we are fully aware nothing has been done with the fund in line with its purpose. This is money that should have gone to government coffers for investment in our vocational and technical education system.”

“Alh Aliko Dangote has been sole chairman since this institution was created by the Federal Ministry of Trade in conjunction with cement importers – hence why we are also demanding an explanation directly from Alh Aliko Dangote as to where is the said fund.”

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“Your Excellency, to avert degeneration of this matter, where all Dangote industries will be occupied by Nigerian students nationwide, kindly advice Alh Aliko Dangote to immediately engage an external independent forensic auditor to audit the CTIN funds, and we also demand that anyone found guilty be held accountable for their actions.”

“We further demand swift action towards restructuring the leadership and governance of CTIN, nothing like life chairman, it should be democratic to prevent such overstay that is bringing severe mismanagement of what should be the People’s commonwealth from happening in the future.”

“We demand from Chairman CTIN Aliko Dangote , an explanation on his level of involvement as to what looks to the public as a mismanagement and misappropriation of the CTIN funds.”

“The Nigerian youth will no longer remain silent as our potential is suppressed and our futures are jeopardized by anyone.”

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“This is not a plea for answers; this is a demand for accountability, transparency, justice and a rallying cry for all those who believe in Nigeria’s potential and the rights of its youth to education, opportunity, and a fair shot at success.”

“We will not rest until every penny of the funds is accounted for, and until those responsible for this shameful betrayal of trust by hiding these funds and not using them for their right purpose, are held accountable publicly.”

“We will use every available platform and legal recourse to seek justice and ensure that such a breach of public trust never reocurs.”

“Alhaji Aliko Dangote, CTIN members, Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Investment, the Nigerian youth are waiting, and we demand your swift and thorough public response within seven days of publication of this letter,” NANS concluded.



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