Bola Tinubu Accuses the North of Trying to Destabilise His Govt

‘Tinubu Was Never Prepared To Be President’ – APC Chieftain

by Victor Ndubuisi

Eze Chukwuemeka Eze, a prominent member of the All Progressives Congress, has disapproved of the president’s justifications and blame-shifting tactics for the growing economic problems.

Eze claims that there is no sign of hope for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his administration to rescue the nation from their predicament, and they appear to be stuck in a maze.

The APC leader asserts that the value of the Naira relative to other convertible currencies is continuously declining and is getting close to becoming worthless in the global money market, while the Nigerian economy has gradually continued in a free spiral.

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He pointed out that the outcome of the Naira’s continuous voyage to its final resting place is the hike in the price of food and other basic commodities.


Eze pointed out that the attendant reality is the possible malnutrition and hunger on the faces of irate Nigerians, the majority of whom, he claimed, go to bed every night hungry and are unsure of a square meal for every day that passes.

Eze questioned why certain analysts continued to believe that Tinubu is correct in his ideas, given the severe obstacles of the day that have cemented Nigeria’s status as the world’s centre of poverty.

“Assuming the policies were good, with very little or no thought towards the complex chains of reciprocal interactions and variables required in the translation of policies into actions, there is bound to be a widening gap between intentions and results as is the case in the present,” Chief Eze said in response to claims made by pro-Tinubu commentators.

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The politician expressed outrage at a recent remark attributed to Vice President Kashim Shittima—in which he implied that lawmakers who lost the general election in 2023 were planning a scheme to destabilise Nigeria—in a statement made available to the media.

Eze dismissed Shetima’s accusations as unimportant, stating that Tinubu was never ready to have a significant influence in Nigeria and that his main priorities were becoming president and nothing more.

“The pernicious effects of perpetual poverty have become real under his administration and these are his chief legacies,” he said


“There seems to be no efforts by the present administration in tackling the economic concerns of the country and if there are, he said, it means such efforts are not good enough and shifting blame to patriots who are in their private capacities thinking out ways to help the country is to say the least myopic.

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“I laugh at the reasons expounded by some of our leaders and Scholars as the factors behind our present food Crisis. They failed to highlight insecurity as the main bane of the present economic woes facing Nigeria.


“Where do we get the food to eat when most of the farmers both in the North and Southern sections of this country particularly those in the North Central are now in the IDP Camps leaving their farms in the hands of herders?

“And we are busy fooling ourselves that we don’t have enough food to feed the populace. What part of Nigeria is safe or secure for normal farming activities to take place?

“This is the reality. Our problem is human-induced yet we are expecting God to send us manna from Heaven as he did to the people of Israel who had no means of farming at the period God sent manna to them.


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Eze pointed out that in addition to insecurity, another significant factor contributing to Nigeria’s current problems is the President’s incapacity to address the consequences of the removal of oil subsidies, which he announced in 2012 but was carried away by his election victory and did not properly study or make provisions to lessen the suffering of Nigerians.


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