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Four Lessons You Can Learn From the Life of Pete Edochie on Success and Marriage

by Choice Arukwe

Pete Edochie is still having a storied career and if he organizes a marriage seminar in this age that staying married is going out of style, many will fall on themselves to register. He’s won many awards, represented Nigeria globally, raised some great kids and every word that comes out from his mouth is full of wisdom.

Although Pete Edochie has not written any book on success neither on marriage except for the recent advice he dished out that it is Un-African for men to kneel down and propose to a woman, his life is a success story starting from the day he played the character of Okonkwo in Late Chinua Achebe’s Things fall apart movie adaptation. Here’s all you need to know about the legendary actor.

1. Have a vision and dedicate yourself to it.

Pete Edochie began his career as a seasoned administrator and broadcaster with the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) Enugu station.

Although trained professionally by the BBC in broadcasting, Pete Edochie’s talent in acting was going to burst forth at any moment and when his friend in the broadcasting house recommended to go for the audition of Things fall apart, he did and got the role.

Here’s what he told the Vanguard in 2015. The moment I walked into the auditorium, the white woman who was invited to handle costuming and other things saw me.


“If this man could act, that’s the man we want for the role.” She never met me before that day. I walked in, and was given the script. Other people were also given the script to read, and when I read mine, they shook hands with me and said, we are good to go. They said there was no point continuing with the audition; that the role is for me.

That was the beginning of a remarkable career. One can only become successful if he/she is dedicated enough.  The actor has been asked why he doesn’t want to produce or direct a movie, he replied that he is comfortable by just acting alone. Stick to your vision and avoid distractions.

2. Make it exciting.

An exciting career is always full of success stories. For Pete Edochie, Things fall apart projected him as a custodian of culture and since then, he has not lowered his bars.

He admitted that there are cases where he rejected role because he felt the production or script would not be exciting to his viewers.

As someone seeking success, don’t settle for less. Always raise the bar at the beginning while you continue to put a sterling performance in your art. Avoid greed and avarice, you’ll get to the top one day if you’re determined.

3. Embrace your personal brand

Many people, once they identify their vision and understand what possibilities lie before them, are inspired to start their own brands. Pete made a name for himself through his acting, and he has a tip for others who find themselves becoming the face of Nollywood in the future.

Pete’s personal brand is his raw proverbs that never fail to educate, nay entertain. Sometimes these proverbs are mixed with a twinge of humour. “When one’s goat get missing, the aroma of a neighbour’s soup get suspicious”. There are many wise proverbs attributed to him and Nigerians are not surprised because he ate and dined with the late Chinua Achebe the father of proverbs.


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Perhaps not just the proverbs but his wise sayings, recently he disclosed that kneeling down to propose to a woman is not something that should be likened to our culture. He went further to give his reasons which pointed to his marriage of over 51 years.


However, this video did not come without several attacks from many online keypad warriors who condemned his opinion, alleging that he is speaking out of context.

4. Give back.

He doesn’t do giveaways on Instagram but he has impacted greatly into the life of many. A lot of Nollywood actors see him as a ‘god’ because his moral judgment is sound.

His words of advice are like marbles on a stone, and that’s enough to inspire anyone who desires to be successful.


Recently, he featured in Genevieve’s lion heart movie and reminded viewers that he is still active in this acting game. Above all, the legend is a great exemplar of success

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