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Where Do You Do Your Shopping? Mall Or Open Market

by NwanyiAbia

We are always torn between going to the mall or going to the open market to pick our groceries, it is always a choice we are to make all the time. The month just ended a few days ago, salaries have rolled in, and restocking for the month is about to commence. Where do you do your shopping? That is entirely up to you, both the open market and shopping malls offer unique user experiences.

This article will compare both under the following headers

  • Time factor
  • Proximity factor
  • Convenience and hygiene
  • Pricing
  • Quality

Time factor

Time is an essential commodity in our lives and should be guarded jealously. Shopping is a fun activity when done right, buying things you will use is a great joy, and this should be done in the circumference of allocated time. For a good shopping experience that saves you time and consumes less energy, you should use the mall. The open market is great but it is time-consuming, check out, a veggie seller would be located miles away from the rest of her colleagues such that to buy from your preferred vendor you have to move around in circles to get to her, this utterly leaves you exhausted. If you have a job that consumes your time or you simple hate to spend so much time on getting groceries, walk into the mall and pick your items in neatly arranged in columns and sections. Instances of Savemore Marketplace Owerri, they have bold tags to direct buyers to desired sections and equally well placed

Proximity factor


There are not so many malls in Nigeria, there are however, open markets at every turn, considering proximity, and you might want to cancel your trip to the mall for a visit to the open market.

Convenience and hygiene

The mall is non-negotiable more convenient than the open market, you still through sections, no pressure, you can examine the product properly and read labels to be sure. The mall is spacious, airier, and clean. If you wish to buy food items like meat, at the open market the meets will have flies swarming around them but the mall maintain hygiene. Convenience is top notch, no struggle, no nudging by other buyers and truck pushers, no howling insults, if it rains you do not have to worry and no disgusting grounds to step on. It is convenient and hygienic.


Pricing is relative, some persons say prices are fairer at the open market while others say the mall sells at fairer rate, this is subject to review. There are malls that sell cheaper than the open market; there are malls whose prices are on the high side. Savemore supermarket gives prices unbeaten at the open market; there are however, other malls whose prices are exorbitant. To be on the safe side, check out malls closest to you and examine how much they sell products whose prices are well known. This will tell if they sell at pocket friendly prices or exorbitant prices. If you are in Imo state, try save more supermarkets, their prices are brilliant.

SaveMore MarketPlace Opens Amidst Rousing Ovation and Customers Shopping Delight (Photos) Quality

With so many adulterated products and the health hazards they pose, it is better to shop at recognized places who buy directly from the manufacturers or importers. Either bulk dealers at the open market or at a mall. In terms of quality, it can be accessed anywhere, but one has to be careful with the open market, it is hard to tell but with malls like Savemore MarketPlace Owerri, you are certain the quality is right.


Go through these and find a good reason to either use the mall or the open market.

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