Jolly Jolly

5 Things You Didnt Know About Jolly-Jolly

by NwanyiAbia

It is no longer news that there is a new bride in town, the Jolly Jolly noodles with its unique quality and non-soggy cake.

Jolly Jolly

Jolly Jolly Noodles

This means that no matter the quantity of water used to make the Jolly noodles, it would not turn out soggy. This is a brilliant innovation in the instant noodles production business. This aside, there remains a lot of stories to be told about Jolly-Jolly and its seemingly rise to fame.

There has been pockets of rumor as to the sudden rise of the new instant noodles in town, the Jolly Jolly noodles, however, what most persons fail to recognize is that it was not a sudden move, it was a brand born out of innovation to do something different, to give the people value for money and nutritious instant noodles on the go.

This article will discuss 5 things that you didn’t know about Jolly Jolly instant noodles

  1.  Quality: Top on their list is quality; the company invests more in quality than packaging, advertisements, and other structure. Customer satisfaction is a priority, the CEO always says.  Noodles are produced using flour, water, and salt. Most of your favorite noodles use chicken flavor to create their seasonings, which is not wrong, but Jolly goes the extra mile to make seasonings using fresh, live chicken. Take a Jolly test, cook a pack of Jolly in one pot and a pot of your favorite noodles in another pot, add the seasoning for the jolly first and inhale the distinct aroma, do the same for the second noodles. It is then you will notice the distinct original mama’s pot chicken flavor only the Jolly noodles give. This cost a lot on the company to make their seasonings using fresh chickens, but their goal has always been nutrition and customer satisfaction
  2.  Pricing- Fair pricing has always been Jolly Jolly’s motto. The company itself was borne out of the need to contribute to the second SDG which is to end world hunger, a vision the CEO is very particular about. 

 Their prices when compared to other brands is unequivocally cheap, for anyone looking to feast on instant noodles on a considerable budget, should think Jolly Jolly.

  1.  The CEO/Chairman:  You probably asking who owns Ike God Foods Limited, makers of Jolly-Jolly? Whose idea is this? If you are privileged to meet the Chief Executive officer- Mr. Ikenna Ifejiofor, you will love him, he is young, unassuming, a husband and father of six. His success story from when he finished secondary school 20 years ago will leave you bewildered and a huge respect for the man behind the big dream and the jolly product. He is an indigene of Nnewi in Anambra State and has his factory at Oraifite in Anambra, a true son of the soil. Follow @anaedoTV on Facebook for an exclusive session with the big boss.
  2.  Brand’s availability: Nothing is as interesting as finding your preferred instant noodles anywhere you look, the kiosk next to your house, stores, malls, open market, anywhere. Jolly-Jolly is available in South-East, South-South(Except Cross River and Bayelsa) Benue, Kogi, Niger, and Lagos Nigeria.
  3.  Brand’s packaging- The Jolly-Jolly pack comes in a beautiful yellow and blue package that makes the product stand out. Aesthetics is one of the reasons to love a brand, its brand Identity is equally cultural and reflects cultural heritage.

Don’t you just love the Jolly-Jolly brand? It has all it takes to take the number one spot in the hearts of many, little wonder in such a short time it gained entry into the market, it has garnered so much love from loyal consumers, grab a pack and try today.


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