Jolly Jolly Noodles

Customer’s Review Of Jolly-Jolly Noodles

by NwanyiAbia

Last week we went through our inbox and found really interesting messages from readers who saw Jolly-Jolly mentioned on one or more of our articles and sent us messages of their opinion of the product.

Jolly Jolly Noodles

3 Best Recipes For Preparing Jolly Jolly Noodles

After reading these messages, we decided to share them to know if other users of the product feel the same way and for the producers of Jolly Jolly to take note of where they need to improve to satisfy their customer’s needs.

The cake is consistent in that it doesn’t scatter easily, the taste is mild but the flavoring can be made a little stronger (chicken). It is oddly satisfying, I nearly couldn’t finish 2

The cooking time is actually on point.


Mr. Ifeanyi Nwokediba :I like Jolly noodles, it gave a taste of crayfish laced with chicken, it was a real mom’s pot taste for me. 

Miss Jay: It is tasty, the real chicken flavor is there as you guys said, the packaging is standard. I will give the cake quality an 8/10, it does not dissolve in water while boiling, whatever water added, it will raise to the quantity of water added. The fat quantity is also moderate. I enjoyed it most with egg and vegetables. I like the 120gram better than the others, I would want the company to consider running a promo to encourage their loyal buyers.

Mazi Ndu: I do not like the taste of the Jolly-Jolly, however, I like that the cake does not get soggy while cooking

Ikechukwu Dim: The noodle is okay…but it feels fat almost like spaghetti. And it has no distinct taste, it is just THERE!

Onyinye Okeke: Just like you prescribed, I ate it with eggs and I totally loved it. It is filling, satisfying and feels bigger than the other noodle

Uche, Aba: I am a big fan of noodles, I eat them a lot and I can say Jolly is good if they maintain the taste. Although I feel they might change it soon

Dr. Chudi Ude: It has its own taste other than others, it is unique, their pack is okay, filling and satisfying


Ifeanyi Okonkwo: I suggest they should add vegetables just like Tummy-Tummy did. They need a unique selling point, asides that their noodles are commendable.

Victor Ofordeme: I think it is nutritious, I was able to finish 120gram without realizing it. For a suggestion, they can add cooking oil as a promo inclusion. They are good to go. 

Anonymous: Well, I am not a noodle type, but Joly Joly tastes great, I think they improved the taste because that wasn’t the taste a few months ago. However, they still have to work on their spicy, a little. I think one pack is filling and that is coming from me, a decent guy.


Ebube Brown: Well, with so many positive reviews from users and those who have read our posts and tried Jolly Jolly noodles, we are overjoyed the product we believe in is worth it. There you have it, if we did not post your review, kindly keep sending them in, after a while, we would do another round-up of reviews. 

Drop your Jolly Jolly experience in the comment section. 

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