Lady Who Allegedly Ran Mad On A Bike, Speaks Up

by AnaedoOnline

In an earlier news, LAUTECH student who was recently reported to have jumped off a bike and “ran mad” has taken to her Instagram page to dispel the rumors.

In a video earlier, the young lady who was acting really strange which prompted people to say she ”ran mad” momentarily has now revealed that she is fine, hale, and hearty.

She took to her Instagram account, @tgold8489, and revealed she didn’t run mad and told everyone that she’s “perfectly fine and standing on her ten toes”.

According to her Instagram post, she had an accident and acted strangely as a result of the shock she felt.

Shocking: Lady Runs Mad On A Bike


Whilst some people who commented insisted and advised her to stay away from drugs although she didn’t say drugs were the cause of her action.

In another post, she wrote; “Thank God for making me seeing the light of today and all thanks to that mother she’s a prayer worror , Actually all this blogger took everything twisted is true I had an accident on bike and I got so shocked I don’t even know what am saying that moment but here am standing on my ten toes am not a mad girl either..i never crossed my lane of been having anything to do with gang am not a type of girl stop questioning my character am a modeling and I also do video Vivian I have a dream for that actually Am stil a student and I have my own business I took my carrier above all in Life 🙏 So am here pleading you all those bloggers to drop rumors against me am not a mad gel becoz I never pray to lose a battle 🙏 Am perfectly doing good nothing happen to me 🙏👌💪Actually I kept my account private because all this rumors trending I want you to know am not weak I stand up for myself in anyway”

See video below

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