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Rising from ‘Oga at the Top’: NSCDC Officer Shem Obafaiye’s Promotion to DCG

by Ikem Emmanuel

Golden Minds and Gold Seekers, welcome! I present to you a captivating tale that might stir some delightful nostalgia. Do you recall the NSCDC officer from Live TV, NSCDC Commandant Obafaiye Shem, who gained massive popularity due to his infamous ‘Oga at the top’ remark in an interview with Channels TV back in 2013? Well, the good news is that he has finally been elevated to the top as Deputy Commandant General (DCG) of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC).


The iconic quote emerged when Shem Obafaiye, the then NSCDC Commandant of Lagos State, appeared on live TV and was asked about the website of NSCDC. His responses were riddled with incoherence, leading to a moment that became a source of amusement. It was evident that the senior officer wasn’t well-versed in website operations, eventually stating that the website’s name could only be obtained from ‘his oga at the top.’ This incident vividly exposed the digital gap within the Nigerian force system.


The catchphrase “My Oga at the Top” gained popularity, with people even printing T-shirts featuring the officer and the famous phrase, humorously pointing upwards. Those were indeed amusing times! My Oga at the top is a literal translation of ‘my Boss at the top’, but it is a metaphorical expression referring to the person who holds the highest position of power.



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While the situation was comical, it shed light on the intrinsic need for the Nigerian force system to prioritize digital technological means in its operations.


As we celebrate Officer Shem Obafaiye on his well-deserved promotion, we encourage him to embrace technology and incorporate it into NSCDC’s operations. This step could significantly enhance productivity and coherence within the organization.


I hope this journey down memory lane with Officer Shem Obafaiye tickled your golden minds. Keep exploring until you strike gold. Until next time!



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