Mixed Reactions As Davido Calls Lil Frosh ‘Brother For Life’ Amidst Abuse Allegations

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Nigerian singer, Davido, has caused a mixed reaction online after he took to social media to show love to his ex-signee, Lil Frosh.

Mixed reactions as Davido calls Lil Frosh 'brother for life' amidst abuse allegations

The FEM crooner had been asked by @oladipsoflife on Instagram, asked the singer to forgive the upcoming act after he was dropped as a Davido Music Wordlwide (DMW) artist following the domestic abuse allegations against him.

The singer in his response, made it known he still had Lil Frosh’s back. He wrote: “That’s my lil brother for life. As long as I’m alive, he no go suffer but it’s not me that needs to do the forgiving.”

His comment which has since gone viral did not sit well with a lot of people. Although there were some who commended the singer for his ‘kind heart’, others accused him of taking sides with the abuser.


See comments below: cindyalfred “Apparently, he’s more concerned about the guys’ career and not the girls’ well-being. I’m actually wondering who deserves an apology.”

“Your “lil bro for life” when dey share hotspot when you still dey alive!!” l.tobiloba “Isn’t this the dude that boxed a lady, re-nationalised her to Korea ? Smh” splen_gee “I sense the pain in this davido’s writeup.

He really love the guy but Lil frosh guy already messed up and people are watching. Davido did what he did to protect his image and that of his label. He still gonna help the guy behind close doors.”

“Shouldn’t the guy be in Jail?”

“It’s like in Nigeria the bar keeps getting lower and lower we have become so shameless we start empathizing to victimizers and not victims ? Why ?

Maybe it’s because we have a lot of potential victimizers who are looking for who will forgive them too when they victimize Someone because I don’t understand you people again.”

“So that sacking was Audio?” So was the removing him from your label just for the ‘Optics’ ? Sometimes , silence is golden”


“Wait, we’re soliciting for domestic violence now??? Who made these people celebrities??” “Beyond promising him money… Teach him that his hands are not for hitting”

“Man with a beautiful heart, forgiveness is a stepping stone to something bigger and I hope he has learnt his lessons too..blessings”

Now that’s how to punish a child.. beat them with left hand and still draw them close with the right… I hope he learnt his lesson ”


Recall the singer had released an official statement announcing that Lil Frosh was no longer a part of the DMW family.

In the press release, it was explained that the record label did not see domestic violence as a trivial matter and that after some investigations, they had decided to terminate the recording contract with the budding rapper.

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