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Top 5 Secondary Schools In Enugu City

Enugu is one of the cities in the southeast with top secondary schools. Enugu, a white-collar-dominated city, has a lot of children of people who are products of good education and who understand the need to give their kids the best education whatever the cost. 

Enugu has educational facilities for every economic class in the city. There are schools for low-income earners. There, also, are schools for the middle class, a better education without breaking the bank. Every parent has a pool to choose from, what’s the best fit for them. There are also top-paying schools for wards of the wealthy ones. 

Top-paying schools are not necessarily great schools. This we know. However, in this list of the top schools in Enugu, only high-paying ones made the cut. Be mindful, too, that this list is not an exclusive one. There are a handful of top schools not mentioned here. But you would be hard-pressed to find a list of top secondary schools for Enugu City that won’t include a majority of the schools here.

Here are top secondary schools in Enugu City in no particular order.

Pine Crest School Enugu


Pine Crest School is a citadel of learning with the motto “Building the best for the total child”. Its campus is located at  No. 5 pine crest avenue Independence Layout, Enugu State. 

It was founded by Barr (Mrs) Hazel Chiejina who discovered, as early as the age of nine that she has an innate inextinguishable passion for teaching and learning and is particularly enamored with the education of little children.

This led her to establish pine crest schools which remains one of the top secondary schools in Enugu and in the southeast. 

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It has nurtured hundreds of people, making waves all over the world and still nurturing future leaders. This is a crystallization of the founder’s fervent passion for education. Its curriculum is culled from British, American, and Nigerian systems of education with holistic education programmes that benchmark best practices anywhere in the world.

It has a Pre-School, nursery, elementary, and secondary school with a standard boarding house.

Graceland School Enugu


Graceland Schools is one of the top secondary schools in Enugu aimed at becoming a leader in the provision of quality education with an emphasis on discipline and character building.

Its Objectives include 

To develop outstanding teaching that will engage students and make learning a meaningful experience.


ii)To produce disciplined and focused students that will be known for character and a deep sense of value.

iii)To inspire in students an appreciation of creativity and respect for hard work.

iv)To produce students that will compete intellectually with their peers at the global level.


v)To instill in students a culture for excellence and lifelong learning

vi)To promote a balanced development of the students physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.

vii)To develop a passionate, well-motivated and professional team of staff for innovative and effective learning delivery. 

Graceland College is located in the serene GRA neighborhood, a secure and ideal learning environment. Our curriculum is rich and intellectually stimulating, designed to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. We provide thematic instructions on social-emotional intelligence to develop leadership potentials and life skills with lots of sports!

Tuition fee per term ranges from N151,000 to N300, 000. It accommodates both living and boarding facilities. 


Julia-Gee Cornerstone Schools, Enugu

The Cornerstone schools Enugu is a product of a genuine desire to raise intellectual and moral kids in a coeducational learning atmosphere. This more than two-decades-old citadel of learning avails itself to evolve and suit all generations of children brought under its tutelage. It was founded on the 9thday of September 1996. Her name stems from 1 Peter 2:6 – 7; her foundation is in Christ Jesus; her goal is to surpass average educational standards and make a star of every child.

Mea Mater Elizabeth High School, Agbani

Mea Mater Elizabeth High School (MMEHS) is a unique non-profit-making school established in September 2004 with a focus on facilitating students to actualizing their full potential. 


It prides itself that it produces citizens who are articulate, focused, and endowed academically, spiritually, morally, socially, and culturally. 

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MMEHS is a student-centered school where the classroom, dormitory, the refectory, the sports field, laboratories and workshops are structured to give the best to the students.


Hillrange School Enugu

Hillrange Secondary School is a project of Ikota Educational Foundation (IEF), a not-for-profit trust organization registered in Nigeria. The school’s first set of students were taken in September 2017. It is affiliated with Whitesands School, Lagos. 

It is dedicated to developing boys who follow Christian principles, have the knowledge, are responsible, and are happy men, who love and defend truth, freedom, and fatherland.


Through an approach that offers all-round formation, respects the dignity of the human person, strengthens the role of the family, and raises the dignity of the education. 

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