Five Great Spots To Propose To Your Woman In Owerri

Five Great Spots To Propose To Your Woman In Owerri

by Joy

The space between proposing and tying the knot should not last more than 6 months or what do you think? Whatever you think, nobody wants to turn to the lord of rings, which makes now the perfect time to go on one knee and pop the big question. This is the second half of the year; if you pop the question today, your wedding will fall in the festive period.

We know Owerri is the capital of entertainment in the Southeast; we also know that places to have fun abound, but have you thought of the right place to propose to the woman of dreams. Fun and Romance are not exactly the same thing. We did the thinking so you don’t have to, here are the five great spots we know will be perfect for your proposal.

Oguta Lake Resort 

A waterside proposal will always take the cake every time, the gentle riverside breeze, endless water expanse, and quietness of nature make it the ideal proposal spot for lovers. Oguta Lake, just 45 minutes from Owerri City has all these and more to offer.

The freshwater lake is the second largest natural lake in the country after lake Chad. The Lake was originally created by the colonials masters in 1960 but was later opened for commercial purposes, another remarkable feature of the lake is the natural confluence of  Oguta Lake, which is blue and clear in nature, and the Urashi River also in Oguta, which is muddy in outlook. These two bodies of water never mix up.


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This is the right place to bring your loved one to Imo state with exotic scenes and serenity. Imagine proposing to her on a boat cruise in the middle of a clear blue lake, just the two of you.

To top it off there is a beautiful resort to get back to with your lover ‘the Oguta Lake Holiday Complex’. The complex is a state-of-art facility that will serve as a romantic getaway for you and yours, it is situated at the bank of the river. The complex offers a Golf Course with 18 standard international holes, a relic of war (mini bunker) constructed by the defunct Biafran Navy during Civic war, and cruise boat services.

Oguta Lake Holiday Complex, Imo State – Finchglow Travels

Owerri Mall

If you are one for the show and a standing ovation, Owerri Mall with more than 45 retail stores we believe is your target spot. The Owerri mall has a steady traffic inflow and outflow of people going about their activities, going down on one knee at the center of the mall will definitely make waves, that is if you have the nerves to pull such a stunt, but then again what can you not do for love?  

Located in the heart of the Easter Heartland, the Owerri Mall affords a wide array of fun and scenes suited for all kinds of proposals you have in mind. 


A movie date proposal won’t be bad, right at the mall is the delectable Genesis Deluxe Cinemas. Popping the question right after a beautiful movie experience is one she won’t forget in hurry, just make sure it’s not a horror movie or a heartbreaking movie.

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The wide array of food courts spread across the mall is also a great spot, when better to pop the question than after a sumptuous meal. Try this and your ‘Yes’ is ensured


At the Owerri Mall, you can hardly run out of great spots to propose to your better half.

Mbari Cultural And Art Center 

Pristine and elegant, Mbari Center is the spot for art lovers. The elegant, serene environment can enchant even non-art lovers. 


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The Mbari Cultural And Art Center houses some of the most significant Igbo traditional arts and crafts including majestic looking Igbo sculptures and artifacts. The center fills one with a strong feeling of connection with the ancient Igbo people, the house tells stories of the lives and traditions of the Igbo people and boasts artistic representations of several deities. 

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Proposing in the presence of ancestors and culture will not be a bad idea, especially for historians.

The center is a three-dimensional cultural facility, made up of the Mbari House, Mbari Museum Kitchen, and an amphitheater. It is situated at Ikenegbu in Imo State about 20mins drive from Famous Suites.


JJ Mas Hotel

This is not a pocket-friendly proposal spot, but as they say, we go all out for our loved ones. 

Owerri is commonly known for the number of hotels in the city, JJ Mas is one of the best luxury hotels, reminiscent of 5 stars in the city. It is a great spot for a romantic getaway with the LOYL, located in a serene environment referred to as New Owerri by the residents. 

JJ Mas Hotel and suites in Owerri, Nigeria - reviews, prices | Planet of Hotels


Owerri Amusement Park 

This spot is not for the faint-hearted, the Owerri Amusement Park is the key spot for recreation and entertainment, concerts are held there and other events.

It is an ideal spot for a picnic-themed proposal.


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As the headquarter of entertainment in Nigeria, there are several other fun and romantic spots in the city that will have your partner swooning when you propose.

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