LATEST: Sacked Abuja Imam, Khalid Calls Out Buhari Govt Again

See The ‘Anti-Buhari’ Sermon That Got Abuja Imam Suspended (Full Text)

by Victor Ndubuisi

The complete text of the sermon that led to Sheikh Nuru Khalid’s suspension as the Chief Imam of Abuja’s Apo Legislative Quarters Mosque has been released.

Sheikh Khalid was suspended after the mosque committee of Apo parliamentary quarters accused him of making inciting words against the government, as previously reported by Newsmen.

The preacher bemoaned the country’s rising levels of insecurity and criminal activity, particularly in light of the train assault on the Abuja-Kaduna railway last Monday.

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He specifically mentioned Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, claiming that he has failed the nation since people are dying every day under his watch due to attacks by robbers, gunmen, terrorists, and kidnappers.


He said in his sermon: “Is there nobody to take responsibility? I want to believe that we have all failed. I mean — I failed as an Imam to teach you that life is sacred. You all failed as parents to teach your children that killing is bad. Our community leaders failed, our politicians failed, governors failed, especially his excellency, the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, you have failed us.

“We have your video telling Nigerians that the military is capable, it has all the requirements to tackle this insurgency and if you are voted into power, you are going to make sure that happens in a short time.”

“You have been given four years and an addition, yet people are dying like fowls, killing is becoming the norm in Nigeria under your watch Mr President.

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“If there is no Nigerian to tell you, I will take the responsibility of telling you and I will take the responsibility of telling you and I will take the responsibility for the consequences because the lives and properties of Nigerians are above all.

“Let me tell you, Mr President, under your watch, bandits are demanding, are taxing Nigerians — is that the provision of the constitution of Nigeria. Under the constitution of Nigeria, no one has the right to tax any Nigerian except being authorised by the federal government.

“Go and check history. How many times has he (referring to Buhari) travelled to Kaduna for campaign? Or didn’t he go to Kaduna for campaign? Didn’t he go to the people of Kaduna when he was seeking votes from them?


“Didn’t he go to the people of Kaduna? But there was a bomb blast on the rail leading to Kaduna, he couldn’t go and check on them. But he could sit down and condemn the attack and say God forbid.

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“Everybody in Nigeria can also say God forbid for the bad things that are happening, only the terrorist will not say God forbid. We want you to govern, not to say God forbid. You should give orders that where ever these terrorists are hiding, they should be apprehended, where they get supplies from should be blocked, and whoever has a hand in supporting them should be arrested and prosecuted.


T”he government is all about power. My fellow people, there is no government with leniency. The government uses its power to arrest, oppress, break, and kill… and that is what we want to be done to the terrorists in this country right now.

“Whoever wants to deprive the poor Nigerians of living in peace, the government should show it is superior and it should humiliate that person.

“The poor Nigerian has bought the peace to live with his own money if you don’t know.”


Meanwhile, reacting to his suspension, Sheikh Khalid has said he won’t be intimidated but will continue to speak the truth.

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The clergyman denied inciting the public against the Muhammadu Buhari government as claimed by the committee.

He asked the Chairman of the committee, Senator Saidu Dansadau, to show evidence that his sermon was inciteful and against Islam.



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