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2023: Blood’ll Flow, Govt Properties Burnt, Expect Riots – Apostle Awojide

by Victor Ndubuisi

N.O. Awojide, vice president of The Apostolic Church, has made new predictions for 2023 in which he claims that more government infrastructure would be destroyed.

He asserted that individuals attempting to conceal their secrets would be responsible for the destruction of government facilities.

Awojide warned Lagos-based churchgoers that Nigeria would experience bloodshed in 2023.

In 2023, he also forecast rioting across all of Nigeria.

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Awojide reassured Nigerians that God will prevent people with evil intentions from taking power in the nation.

The prophecies read partly: “As you have heard, the year is a year of battles. Let me tell you, whether you like it or not, you will fight. You will fight! But this is my word of consolation unto you, the weapon of your warfare is not carnal. You cannot personally fight for yourself. I will fight for you! Sennacherub will threaten you, the Moabites will threaten you, the Amorites will threaten you but do not be afraid; I will fight for you as the mighty and fearful one. Fear not!

“Only do not put on garments of carnality. Do not go out to hire strange protection because the owner of them will be disappointed. Strong ones will challenge the stronger ones. Therefore, blood will be flowing. Burning of government properties in order to cover up secrets will continue. Important places would be set on fire.

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“Riots day and night will continue. When you see all these things, my people remain within the camp. Avoid night journeys anytime from 6 pm. Criminalities will be increase in the night, but I assure you, my people will not be part of mass death; my protection is sure over you.

“My authority will follow to fight your battle. Over this country Nigeria, my land, I will not allow man to prevail over it. All you that have prepared to come and fight in this nation, I scatter your counsel, I said no to your counsel, I say no to your thoughts, I say no to your counsels. My people go in peace.”



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