Laycon Clashes With Nigerians Over Comment On Tinubu’s Presidency, Opposition

Laycon Clashes With Nigerians Over Comment On Tinubu’s Presidency, Opposition

by Victor Ndubuisi

Nigerian singer and Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) season 5 winner Olamilekan Massoud Al-Khalifah Agbeleshebioba, professionally known as Laycon, has clashed with some netizens over a social media post about opposition party members challenging President Bola Tinubu’s administration.

According to Newsmen, the rapper took to his X account to criticise individuals who desire for things to remain the same in Nigeria since their favourite candidate is not in the presidential seat.

Laycon expressed disappointment that individuals do not want the country to prosper due to political disputes.

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On his X handle, the singer wrote, “Abeg wait to… so there are people (Nigerians, living in Nigeria) actively hoping and praying for things not to get better in this country because their preferred candidate isn’t the current President?


“To what end?” learns that Laycon’s post did not go down well with certain netizens, who questioned him on whether it was the “prayers and wishes” of opposition party supporters that caused the country’s current economic suffering.

In response to the criticism, Laycon stated that he was misunderstood, emphasising that Nigerian politicians are a representation of the Nigerian people.

He wrote, “I have always stood on the opinion that our leaders are a reflection of who we are as individuals. And as long as we as individuals don’t change, we’ll continue to experience what we give out. Living with the notion that disagreement means hostility and bad intentions is wrong.

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“I put out a tweet concerning a conversation I had earlier today, and the mentions and response to the tweet show how much some of you do not read to understand before replying. Take a moment and think before talking or typing.

“And yes, I believe our leaders are a reflection of us as a people. We have bad leaders. Yes, but bad people become bad leaders, not the other way around. The everyday people who make life hard for everyday people need only be in power for them to become leaders.


“The fuel attendants during fuel scarcity, the POS attendants during Naira scarcity, if they become leaders, what would they do? The ones earning money in dollars, do you think they pray for the exchange rate to reduce or increase? Your superpower of criticizing should be aimed at yourself once in a while.”

See how some netizens reacted to Laycon’s tweet below:

@a_little_god_ “Wow… So, working societies/countries with visionary leaders do not have bad people? Wow, how come we haven’t cracked this code all along… Weldone Laycon.


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“These are the kinda fellas that do victim blaming. I’m sure when this guy hears a lady was raped, his mind first goes to what the lady was wearing, and then he’ll blame the lady for dressing in a “seductive manner”… Na them…

“Go on, blame Nigerians and not the criminals in power. It’s kinda strange, though, for someone who became something in life by playing the victim.


@Kay_kay4u – “Why you run go UK ? You for dey Nigerian dey claim reflection

@firstladyshipPA – “Just keep the shalaye going, you don fuck up be you don fuck up, we don know how you take dry reason well meaning Nigeria 🇳🇬 time shall tell and remember your humble beginning.

@TrxxxWrld – “The more you try to justify your previous insensitive tweets the more you keep fooling yourself, We will never surrender to impunity.

@TayoThePlug – “Weray no criticise bad leaders na we wey struggle through this hardship e dey face… Oloobuku omo.

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@Gideon63808197 – “So since our leaders are reflective of us, you are simply saying you’re that terrible and will make a terrible leader too? Lay on stop capping.

@dike_of_ishiagu – I blame you? If to say dem rig you for your season,u 4 get this engagements?

“You are the one that Nigerians need to avoid from being a leader because look at what you turn out to be, after all their good and well wishes for you. People are suffering from bad policies, not prayers.

@Flowfy02 – “If u want to correct a system, first u start from the top, not the bottom feeders. You can’t correct a system from the bottom when the head is on decay. We first have to stop corrupt leaders we clearly know as corrupt into govt, and stand up against riggers.


@Kory_Babatope – “Adaptation is one of man’s finest qualities, we adapt to survive. So yes, we have bad Nigerians now but if you look closely, you will see that we became who we are over time as a result of bad leaders and continually, the leaders we are producing are US.

@honeykoly – “You enhance bad leaders when you deliberately deviate from the main issue, we had options between good, bad, and worse. Worse is been imposed, and you expect people to pray to make the worse good. Fuel price at highest ever, Naira record low, those are conversations worth having.

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@Nshukwi_A – “This werey is capping nonsense, thank God for 2023 wallahi for exposing charlatans like you. Look at how hardworking Nigerians are. All our institutions have been captured those people mentioned are beneficiary of a corrupt system. See Abia and tell me if leaders are not the problem.”


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