UPDATE: Bode George Kicks Over Rising Debt Profile Of Nigeria

UPDATE: Bode George Makes U-Turn On Self Exile Vow If Tinubu Wins

by Victor Ndubuisi

Bode George, a prominent figure in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has claimed that a few former state officials sent him envoys to mediate the conflict between him and President Bola Tinubu.

As an elder, he said, he could do nothing but hear the President’s pleadings and step in to resolve the conflict between the two of them.

According to Anaedoonline.ng, George promised to go into self-exile in the event that Tinubu won the elections before to the general election in 2023.

Bode George Speaks On Congratulating Tinubu After Supreme Court Judgement

But George, a former military governor of Ondo State, stated he would wait for the court’s decision on the cases the main opposition filed against Tinubu after INEC proclaimed Tinubu the victor of the presidential race.


Thursday of last week, the Supreme Court affirmed the victory of President Tinubu.

However, the PDP leader revealed that he would not be going into self-exile as he had previously promised.

In an interview with Channel TV on Monday, George revealed that he had changed his mind about Tinubu because of the help of several old folks who calmed him down.

He said, “That I had a quarrel with Bola Tinubu, is not personal. We disagreed on many fundamentals. Political fundamentals and those things are still there. Yes, they had sent emissaries to me that look, let’s tone down, and I accepted it. If elder people came and told you that please ‘Surulere’, in other words, calm down. That’s why. It’s our country. Getting to Abuja is not the problem, managing Nigeria from Abuja is a major concern for us. The issue of insecurity, the issue of religion, the issue of the. Economy, The monetary and fiscal policies of this country.

Judiciary Shouldn’t Determine Winner of An Election – Bode George

“You know, when you are in the political field and you have your opposition. There were reasons why I said I will never walk with him and support him because all these issues, you think they have been swept under the carpet, No.

“What Atiku repeated today. I am happy he repeated. He had been a supporter of Bola Tinubu from 1999. No, I haven’t seen what we have seen. And everybody is saying let’s accept it, let’s do this. To me, if you do anything that is not right, don’t sweep it perpetually under the carpet. The seven justices has now decided, this is the man who has won, there is nothing anyone can do now. That is the end of the electoral process.


“The Constitution we are running in this country is very, very defective. It is like a military book of law. That only one person will be deciding all the things for Nigeria. No, even in America the the president of America has his limitations. What about the states? The governors are even equally more powerful on the resources within their state, reduce the powers at the centre and devolve powers to the state.”


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