'We Hear Your Cries' - House Speaker, Abbas Promises Nigerians Better Days

‘We Hear Your Cries’ – House Speaker, Abbas Promises Nigerians Better Days

by Victor Ndubuisi

On Thursday, Hon. Tajudeen Abbas, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, spoke to the public about the security situation, the economy, and other topics while pledging to put in more effort to find solutions.

He stated that his words were intended to “address some of the most pressing national issues we face” at a global press conference held in Abuja.

He said, “As the Speaker of the largest representative body in Nigeria, representing all corners of Nigeria, I feel it a duty to address some pressing challenges we face as a nation.

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“The very fabric of our society is being tested, our resilience strained, and our unity challenged. However, amidst these trials, our spirit remains unbroken, and our resolve to overcome and thrive grows stronger.


“As representatives of the Nigerian people, we cannot pay lip service to the plight of the same individuals, who elected us into office to protect their interests. It is our resolve to see that Nigerians, wherever they are, live their normal lives in peace and relative ease.

“As elected representatives, we also acknowledge the pain and suffering of every family that had been a victim of brutal crimes and needless violence.

“Let it be known that your cries have not fallen on deaf ears, and your tears have not gone unseen. We stand in solidarity with every Nigerian affected and commit to deploying robust legislative measures to empower our security agencies, ensure justice, and restore peace and order in our communities.”

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Abbas also conveyed his sympathy for the frustration and hopelessness that many Nigerians experience as a result of the difficulties their nation faces.

He said, “The impact of the challenges I have identified above is felt in every home, on every street, and in the hearts of every Nigerian. Yet, it is precisely in times like these that our true strength as a nation is revealed.

“Our resilience, unity, and indomitable spirit have seen us through difficult times before, and I have no doubt that these qualities will carry us through again.”


In order to guarantee the safety and security of every Nigerian, he gave the people his word that the government was paying attention to their worries and was acting decisively to address the underlying reasons of the security threat. Both military and diplomatic resources were being used.

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Although he acknowledged that it was a difficult problem that would take time and patience to solve, he was optimistic that progress was being made.


Speaking about the economy as well, he declared that the administration was determined to stop the decline and put the nation back on the path of steady growth.


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