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3 Times It’s OK To Take A Break From Your Partner

by thrilliant

3 Times It’s OK To Take A Break From Your Partner

Being in a committed relationship means having someone to support you, to help you, and be on your side. But that understanding can sometimes lead to pressure that you and your partner should always be together.

However, having a little time out is great for a relationship. Not just in the sense that you should have your own hobbies, but also because sometimes you just need a break from your partner. This means taking a little time out occasionally can keep your relationship happy and healthy.

Here are some of the times when it’s definitely OK to take a little break.

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1. When you’re no longer sure about the relationship

If you find yourself constantly questioning the relationship and really wondering if it’s the right relationship for you, then you may need to take a break.


If you’re spending lots of time with your partner, you can’t get the view that you need to decide whether or not the relationship is actually working. Taking some time away will let you approach the issue with a clear head.

2. When it feels like you’re losing yourself

Maybe you’ve been at home with kids or you’ve been focused on how stressed out their job is and trying to help. If you ever find that your needs have been completely shifted to one side and you feel like you’re just part of a couple—rather than a person—you need a break.

Taking one weekend off with friends will do the trick or maybe you need to just go away for a few days and get back in touch with what you want.

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3. You’re getting on each other’s nerves

A good sign that you and your partner need a little more space is if you’re starting to find each other difficult. Spending too much time together can mean you start seeing all of the tiny things that are wrong with each other and you stop seeing why you love each other so much in the first place.

Either find more time in the course of your normal schedule to take breaks from each other or decide to take a weekend with friends and reset.

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