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Four Things Igbo People Like

by AnaedoOnline

There are many things that Igbo men and women enjoy. Here are four things that bring them joy.

Igbo Kwenu! The Igbo folks, with hearts so bright, come from the southeast, a cultural delight. Their heritage is rich, traditions so true, here are four things they love to do.


For their gatherings, the Igbos prefer a serene and quiet scene. Some might think this dulls their gatherings, but that’s not what it means. Amidst the calm and silence, they find joy anew through philosophical discussions, sharing drinks, and privately connecting with family and a close friend or two.

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Among Nigerian tribes, none love proverbs quite like the Igbos do. Embedded in their culture, these sayings guide them through and through. Even in conflicts, they rarely get physical or fight; instead, they raise their voices, making points with all their might. They end with stern proverbs, delivering threats in this way, and with wisdom-filled words, they walk away.

The Women

Igbo women are raised to be bold and embrace their sexuality, showing their feelings with ease and clarity. If an Igbo woman likes a man, her actions will soon reveal her plan. If she doesn’t, she won’t harshly turn him away; instead, she’ll be a friend, keeping him at bay. She’ll pet his head, keep him at arm’s length, and give just enough attention to acknowledge his strength.


The Igbos are the most business-savvy tribe, leading in ventures with entrepreneurial vibe. “Give an Igbo man one thousand naira,” they say, “he’ll turn it into millions in a savvy way.” Though not true in every case, it highlights their keen business grace. Known for their risk-taking and entrepreneurial drive, they truly thrive in the business world.

Source: The Nation
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