Stop Pouring Away Palm Wine in Traditional Marriages

Stop Pouring Away Palm Wine in Traditional Marriages

by AnaedoOnline

By: Anayo Nwosu

The Tradition of Pouring Palm Wine in Traditional Igbo Marriages

To stop the pouring away of palm wine in traditional Igbo marriages, it is best to understand the tradition and significance of Palm Wine in Traditional Igbo Marriages.

In the course of the second and subsequent traditional marriage ceremonies in Igbo culture, the father of the bride or his representative is obligated to pour palm wine into a cup. He then calls his daughter, and presents her with the cupful of wine, instructing her to identify her suitor, typically hidden within the crowd. In the absence of the groom, his father, brothers, or cousin may accept the cup on his behalf. Similarly, if the bride is absent, her mother or other married relatives can receive the drink from the bride’s father and pass it to the groom or his representative.

Marriages in Igbo land can be contracted for individuals living abroad or unable to attend physically, emphasizing the family-centric nature of the rite. However, concerning recent demonology preachings and prophecies, the fear of potential poisoning through remote means has led some grooms to pour away the identification wine, a concerning trend gaining traction in Igbo communities.

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This act needs urgent intervention from the elders to prevent it from becoming a tradition. To allay fears, the suggestion is made to produce special sealed cups into which palm wine can be poured before the ceremony. The bride and groom would then sip the wine using straws, providing a solution to the rising superstitions. This plea is also extended to Igbo plastic manufacturers to explore this opportunity.

Reflecting on a personal experience on August 25, 2001, at Umuosu, Awalasi Uga, AnaedoOnline recounts the traditional palm wine pouring ceremony conducted by the father-in-law during his daughter’s wedding. He highlights the elegance of the bride, the ritual of identifying the groom, and the significance of handing over the cup to a father figure, emphasizing the communal aspect of marriage in Igbo culture.

The practice of pouring away the identification palm wine is condemned, and a call is made to elders to address and discourage this emerging trend. The blog concludes with a rejection of fear-driven preachments and a hope that future generations will continue to embrace and participate in this cultural tradition without succumbing to baseless fears.


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