Kaduna Bombing: ‘I Won’t Support Bombing Wives Of IPOB Members’ – Gumi

Controversial Islamic Scholar Expresses Concerns About Christians in Security Roles

by Ikem Emmanuel

Ahmad Gumi, a prominent Islamic scholar based in Kaduna, Nigeria, has stirred controversy with statements suggesting that Christians cannot be trusted with national security. In a video sermon lasting over 14 minutes, Gumi expressed concerns about the religious affiliations of security personnel in Nigeria and their roles in the country’s defense and leadership.

During his sermon, Gumi referred to historical events, particularly the first coup d’état in Nigeria, which was led by top Christian army officers. He argued that this history underscores the risks of entrusting national security to Christians and Southerners.

A Deeper Analysis

The controversial cleric raised concerns about the allocation of security positions in the country, suggesting that Muslims appointed to key security roles are only figureheads and lack real command and control authority. Gumi asserted that the individuals wielding power and control within the military are not Muslims but rather those of different religious backgrounds.

Gumi also highlighted issues related to economic power and influence in Nigeria. He suggested that economic power has been concentrated among certain groups, potentially with a hidden agenda. The cleric expressed concerns about the manipulation of financial resources for political gain, emphasizing the need for transparency and equity.

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Challenges Faced by Northerners

Gumi further discussed challenges faced by Northerners in terms of economic opportunities. He claimed that Northerners, even those engaged in legitimate businesses, struggle to secure significant financial resources in the country.

The scholar’s statements are particularly noteworthy due to their implications for religious and ethnic relations in Nigeria. Gumi stressed the importance of interfaith cooperation and harmony while expressing concerns about potential divisions based on religion.

Protection and Security

During the sermon, Gumi explained his personal need for police protection and asserted that this security is essential to safeguard against threats and attacks. He suggested that his willingness to cooperate with the authorities was driven by security concerns.

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