Bashir Ahmad Begs Peter Obi To Condemn The Horrific Act In Anambra

Bashir Ahmad Begs Peter Obi To Condemn The Horrific Act In Anambra

by Victor Ndubuisi

Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP) in 2023, has been urged by former presidential media adviser Bashir Ahmad to denounce the jungle justice meted out to two individuals in Anambra State.

According to, angry crowds in Onitsha, Anambra State’s largest market, set fire to two people who were allegedly accused of being criminals and terrorising residents of Sokoto Road on Wednesday.

The individuals were charged with participating in unlawful revenue collection.

Anambra: Irate Mob Set Ablaze Two Suspected Criminals In Onitsha

Peter Obi, however, did not denounce the most recent occurrence when he spoke on the ongoing fire events across the nation on his X account on Thursday morning, November 2.


In response to the post, Bashir implored the former Anambra state governor to denounce the jungle justice system that was implemented in his state.

He said that everyone should denounce the horrible event, and since the people in the state pay attention to him, he asked Peter Obi to address them.

He wrote: “Please, Peter Obi, condemn the horrific act against Chinedu and Omama, who were burnt alive by headless mob in Anambra. Please register your voice and address them since they listen to you.

“For humanity’s sake, condemn violence and cruelty no matter how some people may see it, regardless of the location or the individuals involved. The recent tragic incident in Anambra, where Chinedu and Omama were forcefully burned alive, was, as I said earlier, horrific and traumatic, and should be denounced by all who value human life.

Bashir Ahmad Blasts Peter Obi Over Message To Victor Osimhen

“It’s disheartening to see that some individuals have chosen to respond to my condemnation with negativity and insensitivity, suggesting that previous incidents should dictate our responses to new atrocities. But Bashir will never be caged by their blackmail.

“Each act of violence is a tragedy in its own right, and as responsible citizens, it is our duty to speak out and advocate for a society where such heinous acts have no place.


“For the record, I will never condone any form of violence, hate, or cruelty, now and always.”


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