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Revealing the Genuine Interpretation Behind Burna Boy’s “Igbo and Shayo”

by Ikem Emmanuel



In the ever-evolving world of music, artists often embed hidden meanings and wordplay within their lyrics, leaving fans puzzled or drawn to countless interpretations. However, in the case of Burna Boy’s track “Last Last,” his mention of “Igbo and Shayo” carries a direct and unambiguous message. Let’s take a deeper dive into the true essence of these words and unravel the genuine intentions behind Burna Boy’s choice of lyrics.


Unveiling “Igbo”: Not Tribe, But Weed:

One cannot stress enough the significance of clarifying the meaning behind Burna Boy’s usage of the term “Igbo.” Despite the potential confusion it may cause for listeners outside Nigeria, Burna Boy unequivocally refers to weed, not the Igbo tribe. It is imperative to separate the cultural context from his lyrics to avoid any misinterpretation. By shedding light on this distinction, we enable fans from diverse backgrounds to grasp the intended message accurately.


The Simplicity of “Shayo”: Beyond Exotic Drinks:

While the word “Shayo” may evoke visions of exotic alcoholic beverages, Burna Boy chooses simplicity over complexity in his lyrics. He straightforwardly expresses a desire for alcohol without delving into the specifics of fancy cocktails or refined spirits. By using the word “Shayo,” which translates to booze in Western culture, Burna Boy connects with listeners on a relatable level. This deliberate approach showcases his talent in conveying universal emotions through his music.


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Cultural Nuances and Misinterpretations:

As Burna Boy garners fans from various corners of the globe, it becomes crucial to navigate the potential cultural gaps and avoid misinterpretations. By explicitly stating that “Igbo” refers to weed, not the Igbo tribe, we bridge understanding and prevent fans from misunderstanding the intricacies of Nigerian culture. This clarity fosters a stronger connection between the artist and his global audience, allowing for a more accurate appreciation of his artistry.


Burna Boy’s “Igbo and Shayo”: Escaping Heartbreak:

Ultimately, when dissecting Burna Boy’s “Igbo and Shayo,” we understand that these lyrics serve as a medium through which the artist seeks solace during times of heartbreak. By openly discussing his use of weed and alcohol, Burna Boy lays bare his vulnerability, highlighting the human desire for temporary relief from emotional pain. In doing so, he creates a connection with his audience, acknowledging the shared experiences of heartache and how people cope.



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Burna Boy’s lyrics in “Igbo and Shayo” might appear straightforward, yet their true essence lies in their directness and relatability. By decoding the meaning of “Igbo” as weed and “Shayo” as alcohol, we bridge cultural gaps and prevent misinterpretations. Burna Boy’s choice of words serves as a poignant reminder of the universal human experience, where music becomes a refuge, allowing us to momentarily escape the burdens of heartbreak. So the next time you listen to “Igbo and Shayo,” appreciate the rawness and vulnerability behind Burna Boy’s lyrics, as they reflect the triumphs and tribulations of the human spirit.




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