Nnewi Youth Presidency: Ejim Ucheagwu In Pole Position As Udegbunam and Nwachukwu Engage In Last Minute Lobby For Delegates

Nnewi Youth Presidency: Ejim Ucheagwu In Pole Position As Udegbunam and Nwachukwu Engage In Last Minute Lobby For Delegates

by Brown Ebubechukwuzuloke

Ahead of today’s Nnewi Youth Forum election, the three candidates in the race are adopting different strategies to woo delegates to their side.

Anaedoonline.ng gathered that apart from countless meetings that have taken place in the last few days, the candidates, Ejim Ucheagwu, Afam Nwachukwu, and Chibunna Udegbunam have all expressed confidence in their individual abilities to win the election.

With the delegate list already released, the candidates have also embarked on door-to-door campaigns, in an election that is being described as the most fiercely contested.

Ejim Ucheagwu, Afam Nwachukwu, Udegbunam Chibunna In Fresh Battle For Nnewi Youth Presidency

Ejim Ucheagwu and Chibunna Udegbunam are said to be the major contenders for the seat of the Presidency of the forum, as supporters of the two contenders have been at loggerheads, advancing different reasons why their candidates should be voted for the position.


It was also gathered, that Ejim Ucheagwu, who is more politically exposed among the contenders, has garnered the support of delegates from his community, Nnewichi, and also that of Uruagu and Otolo, except Umudim, where he is still struggling with few key players who are behind Chibunna Udegbuna.

According to some delegates, Ejim Ucheagwu is more competent for the position especially with his contact, exposure, and understanding of Nnewi, having served as the first elected President of Nnewichi Youth Forum and also having served the forum in different capacities with outstanding results, although some believe that Afam Nwachukwu who has been a member of the forum from time immemorial, is not a pushover.

Using SWOT which stands for Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats, we shall examine each of the candidates.

Nnewi Youth Forum Presidency: Ezeobuo-Okpuno Nnewichi Present Ejim Ucheagwu As Consensus Candidate

1. Afam Nwachukwu (Onowu)

Strength – If aspirants are chosen based on knowledge of community history and community service, Afam Nwachukwu who is also known as Galadima, will likely come up tops.

Afam Nwachukwu was the first elected Publicity Secretary of Nnewi Youth Forum and also second elected Secretary-General of the forum. He has also served two terms as National Secretary of Ezeobuo Royal Family, and also the immediate past Financial Secretary of Nzuko Agamniru Nnewi. Onowu as he is known in his community, has also served as the Palace Secretary of Nnewichi Community in the last twenty (20) years.


Weakness – Acceptability question. Leadership is a serious business, coupled with his records in the offices held, Afam Nwachukwu is viewed as someone who lacks the condition and ethics required for such office.

Opportunities – Underrated by opponents.

Threat – He is not considered as a serious contender.


2. Ejim Emmanuel Ucheagwu (Bishop)

Strength- If candidates are voted based on exposure, pedigree, capacity, vision, and intellect, Ejim Ucheagwu has no rival. If delegates voted based on the Candidate that has driven his campaign based on intellect and sound vision for Nnewi Youth Forum, Ejim Ucheagwu should ordinarily emerge. He is seen as the consensus candidate of major power blocs in Nnewi and the youth stakeholders.

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Weakness – His support for Amb. Paul Muoneke (JP) in the last election may hurt him, as some stakeholders who were against Muoneke, are still not happy with him.

Opportunities – He has strong support from his community and is very popular with the youth. Many also see him as someone who will bring life back to Nnewi Youth Forum. It is very unlikely that he will not win.

Threat – Political Party conspiracy. He is a member of All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA). It is not yet clear if Senator Ifeanyi Ubah of All Progressive Congress (APC) is interested in the election.

3. Chibunna Udegbunam

Strength – He is being supported by those that are disenchanted with Amb Paul Moneke emergence as President of Nnewi Youth Forum, who believed that the process were allegedly skewed to favour him by Hon Ejim Ucheagwu led electoral panel.


It is also believed that he was Senator Ifeanyi Ubah’s anointed candidate until recently, it was said that Senator Ifeanyi Ubah has chosen to remain neutral.

Weakness – He has been involved in a lot of scandals. From his suspension as an executive member of Nzuko-Ora Nnewi, to his suspension as an executive member of Nnewi North People’s Democratic Party (PDP), and also the allegation that he forged the signature of his Ward Chairman, which has a criminal dimension. Chibunna appears not to have the finesse and character desirous of someone who wants to be Nnewi Youth Forum President.

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Opportunities – It is believed that he has strong support from Umudim and some part of Otolo, if he can leverage on that and get support from his community, then, he is home and dry with victory.


Threat – Competence and integrity question.


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